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  1. ogjumpman

    Does this really exist?

    yup they exist. i heard u have to reserve them like a year or so in advance tho because they're such in high demand. they're for private parties
  2. ogjumpman

    Am I right to believe that God is also a vengeful god?

    He did have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ. He was once quoted as saying "If it weren't for Christians, I'd be a Christian.-- Mahatma Ghandi." But for the question, if he went to heaven or hell, no christian can answer because we simply aren't God. I cant tell you "OOO, he's in heaven...
  3. ogjumpman

    custom basketball uniforms? (rec league)

    this is where we got our jerseys from. there's some sick designs on there.
  4. ogjumpman

    Best buffets in so cal?

  5. ogjumpman

    Addicting Internet Games vol. Mybrute

    This version is a lot better. A lot more updates and its funner.
  6. ogjumpman

    Best Online RPG- Lost Power City vol.9

  7. ogjumpman

    Best Online RPG- Lost Power City vol.9

    HJD semi-closing down his banking service w/ no deposits and if you wanna withdraw you have to withdraw all your money. smh
  8. ogjumpman

    Who was the most marketable NBA player of ALL-TIME?

    Jordan FOR SURE!!!! and its not even close. dude is still cakin off his shoe sales and commercials and he's been outta the league for a while.
  9. ogjumpman

    O.J. Mayo reportdley received $30k worth of gifts from associates while attending USC. EDIT:OTL Vid

    Sorry to break it to you guys but O.J did it. I know many people that go to USC and a couple of people that have talked to O.J in person and they say he got a new flat screen T.V in his dorm room and is also pushing a fresh new car. So yea im pretty sure this is all true.
  10. ogjumpman

    Community College Vol.Is it good?

    SMC!!!! haha i go there right now. its super easy if you just work a little. its like highschool 2.0. but yea its harder to meet people and alot ofpeople just hang out in their high school groups. expect to see a mad invasion of asians over there. there everywhere lol.
  11. ogjumpman

    New inexpensive drug is sweeping the nation *can be found at local 711* (PICS)

    ahh mn ths stuff powrful teh world iz spinnging damm jus playing never tried the stuff. is it any good?
  12. ogjumpman

    Kobe Bryant wins 2007-2008 NBA MVP

    hahah Kobe was like ...... nah i dont wanna kia give it to the boys and girls club...
  13. ogjumpman

    whats stopping YOU from making a billion dollars?

    i dont have a old buttcrack uncle thats gonna die soon and looks to me as the son he never had....
  14. ogjumpman

    LMAO Response to Jay-Z's "Blow the Whistle"

    haha watch this cat become the next soulja boy.... all he needs now is a dance
  15. ogjumpman

    Official: Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 4 : LAKERS SWEEP ! Bring On Utah !

    Kobe never ceases to amaze me! Where MVP happens
  16. ogjumpman

    MJ shatters backboard !!!

    I like jordan and im a big fan but u buggin if you think he can put up 40-45 points consistently. No way he'll average 40-45 points in the NBA. Ithink you got a little excited after watching the vid lol but anyways that vid
  17. ogjumpman

    Luckiest team I've ever seen

    im not hating on UCLA or anything. They're a talented squad but they ALWAYS have the easiest route to the Final Four.
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