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  1. 3onpar5

    Lebron 8 Top Selling Shoe of November...

    Robust LeBron Sales Proving Polls Wrong Published: Friday, 10 Dec 2010 | 3:08 PM ET Text Size By: Darren Rovell CNBC Sports Business Reporter Digg Buzz Facebook Twitter More Share Polls and ratings may indicate LeBron James has lost his marketing appeal, but the cash register doesn’t lie. James...
  2. 3onpar5

    With NIKE's NFL Deal...Does This Signal The End For Reebok??

    Ok I know they will not go out of business, but this has to be a huge blow to Reebok. I mean they are not moving shoes and apparel like they used to, and now they will lose every penny from the NFL sales. That has to be enormous. So the question is...Is Reebok going to go the way of Starter...
  3. 3onpar5

    So what ever happened with the ROCK DEEP situation????

    Just wondering if anyone heard if ROCK ever paid that dude for the shoes or if it is still an on going situation? If ya missed the thread search was a good one.
  4. 3onpar5

    Does anyone else think that DAT MASS is getting waaaaaayyy old?

    First, no I am not mad. This thing has taken on a mind of its own. Seems there are like 5 threads per page with DATMASS in the title. (Now 6 lol) Just another thing that NIKETalk is running into the ground I guess.
  5. 3onpar5

    Mature Nike Talkers check in...Life is Easy for these Youngins

    Received this in an email. Sorry if some have seen it I thought it was good for a chuckle, not Lulz just a chuckle. Brought back some memories. Its funny cause my kids (15 and 9) have no clue to a life without cell phones, when you stop and think about it thats kind of weird. If you are at...
  6. 3onpar5

    Lets Discuss The Industry

    I thought we could have a discussion on where the footwear industry is now. Ill break it down into companies and discuss. Feel free to add NIKE- The leader, no doubt, but it also seems that they are the only company out there that is trying new things and bringing new things to market. Some...
  7. 3onpar5

    Is Anyone else getting redirected?

    So Im just scrolling through looking at some topics and while Im scrolling it automatically redirects me to some random website (not pron). Is this happeningto anyone else? Im on a Mac and running Safari. Its kinda frustrating.
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