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  1. bigshake

    NT I need some detective work. Vol. is someone spying on me?

    Spying on you at 4:40 i da monin? She wylin' B
  2. bigshake

    My boy is marrying a jumpoff....that i passed to him, and.....swapping, salad tossing+ period sex?

    Yall should know, RED MEANS STOP! Who am I kidding, I use a towel and never look down, everytime neccessary.
  3. bigshake

    So is it necessary...

    Wow QFT!
  4. bigshake

    Falling in love for the weekend (confessions)

    I WONDER if these two crazed sociopaths have anything to do with bath salts and zombies....
  5. bigshake

    Yet another post about advice / opinions on female activity

    Wow no request for pics, SMH NT, shaking my head
  6. bigshake

    Do yall think 2chainz will last past this summer

    Can y'all post some of 2Chainz best songs? Thanks
  7. bigshake

    NT Dropped my iPhone in water

    Still curious how NT dropped your iphone in water, very curioussss
  8. bigshake

    Where did you meet your gf ?

    Catachism class =/ forgive me lord
  9. bigshake

    Official E3 2012 Thread - What Do You Want to See?

    My friend is setting up E3. He gets to play the games he sets up, im jelly.
  10. bigshake

    Facebook down...

    Yea totally thread worthy bruh, nice one
  11. bigshake

    You aint a NTer if...

    If you don't remember the NT'er bragging about dating the ******
  12. bigshake

    the thread about nothing...

    wow, did the baby survive? and why would he do this?
  13. bigshake

    Do shoe store employees still put shoes on for you?

    I never copped a joint, nor was I ever rocking em. 
  14. bigshake

    Black NT'ers: Ever Go Through A "White Girl" Phase? Do All Black Dudes? Vol. Real %$@%$% Only

    I just had some white girl right now freak a leek
  15. bigshake

    I hate when ppl selling say..

    Only if it's my close friends, cause then i'll  just feel like an @%+$#+!, lol
  16. bigshake

    Any whisky drinkers on here?

    I know it's not the best tasting whiskey, but I just got a 1.75 liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey on sale for 20.50! Couldn't let the deal go by. I'll probably use it as a mixer as it is probably too "alcohol tasting" to drink straight, i'd rather have me some Jameson neat.
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