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  1. 3onpar5

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    I think the challenge that a lot of these companies face (NIKE, Fit Bit etc) is they need to keep it fresh. After a few months you kind of plateau. I liked the missions idea that NIKE had, the only challenge was you needed to complete a mission when NIKE said so. Well if I'm at work I can't...
  2. 3onpar5

    Official Air Jordan XX9 post! 1st two released 9/6/14! NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    Because they finally realized releasing their signature model basketball shoe when no basketball players are buying shoes was not a good idea. I would assume you will see these released in September/October just in time for hoops season.
  3. 3onpar5

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    I think the M7 chip solves a lot of that. I enjoy the GPS NIKE running app. Really accurate and easy to use. I have not used the new NIKE Move app as I didn't get the 5C. I will be interested to try it when I get the 6.
  4. 3onpar5

    Official Air Jordan XX9 post! 1st two released 9/6/14! NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    Would love to see them follow Apple's lead and do that. Put the video up on and let the world see whats going on. I actually wish they would do this w/ most big announcements. Kobe, KD, Lebron and any really big announcements. They could do like 3 a year and get even more hype.
  5. 3onpar5

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    Do you think its good for them to get out of the hardware portion of the business and work w/ Apple on making just really great apps? Seems they could get a lot of the same results and not have to worry about all the overhead and challenges w/ hardware
  6. 3onpar5

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    What do you guys think about them possibly ditching the Fuelband all together?
  7. 3onpar5

    Nike new wristband method

    So I finally might have a chance to get a pair of limited releases? I'm interested.
  8. 3onpar5

    "Showtime": Sticks Gun in Man's Rear, Forces Woman to Blow Her Son-in-Law

    How people on here can joke about this is beyond me.
  9. 3onpar5

    Official Lebron X Thread Vol. Early Bird

    It will be the most amazing takeover ever. Over 90% of basketball shoes sold are NIKE/ Jordan Brand.
  10. 3onpar5

    Official Lebron X Thread Vol. Early Bird

    I know it's been said but I don't think everyone is hearing it, so I will try. The $300 version of the shoe has the tech built in like the Hyperdunk 2012. It is essentially Nike+ and fuelband tech built into the shoe. For instance it will tell you how fast you are running and it will tell you...
  11. 3onpar5

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    Sorry. That I I was referring to. I would like to go to tonight and watch this event. That won't happen.
  12. 3onpar5

    2017 NIKE NFL Apparel, Footwear & Jerseys

    I wish Nike would take a page from the Apple Playbook and stream these events on their website. It would be cool to watch. I was disappointed I couldn't watch the event when they unveiled the hyperdunk 2012 w/ the ability to check your vertical.
  13. 3onpar5

    gravedigging... can someone tell me why is it so bad?

    That was hilarious. He came back a year later and said "anybody?". People were posting the Sting .gif. I was cracking up at that thread.
  14. 3onpar5

    I don't buy the jobs report (200k jobs added) vol. You LIE

    I will tell you from my experience in hiring people, most applicants SUCK at the interview. From the attire they wear to their inability to listen and answer questions. It's kind of sad.
  15. 3onpar5

    11-Year-Old Girl Dies After Fight With Classmate Over Boy...

    They even said in the article that neither girl was knocked down in the fight and both walked away. Very sad.
  16. 3onpar5

    45 sec....Staring Contest with Kate Upton

    How in the blue hell are guys on here saying she is average????
  17. 3onpar5

    Is an iPod touch too much for a 3 year old girl?

    So I will just throw this out there. I know someone who bought their 3 yr old an iPad. Now before you freak out when I sit w/ my 19 month old son and I have my iPad he flips the pages and knows where his "mons" app is (Sesame Street Monster at the end of the book). He taps it and watches it all...
  18. 3onpar5

    Didn't Know The Poverty Line Was That Bad........

    Americans have a different level of "poor". The video above is just one example. I was watching a true life episode the other day about families struggling. They all had cell phones, cable and laptops shown in the show. They were also worried they would lose their house or get kicked out of...
  19. 3onpar5

    Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter. Forget Google+. Forget Foursquare. Email. Messenger. Etc. I present

    Did anybody else find it ironic that they had a Facebook page??? Just saying. I did like the page though. We all need to slow down and smell the roses once in a while.
  20. 3onpar5

    Is Brandi from Storage Wars the baddest broad on television?

    No I'm sure that plays a part but she is not an actress. She's just a girl. I have always liked the girl who was attractive without a lot of effort. Brandi is very natural (no makeup). To me she just has that "something" that attracts me to her.
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