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    Cross Country Road Trip (SF, LA, LV, CHI, and all points in between...please contribute)

    With a lot of recent deaths of people I know, I have been on a "Do it now" kick.  One of those things was a cross country road trip.  Here is my itinerary: Thursday Arrive in SF 9:30am Friday Drive PCH to LA Saturday Drive LA to Vegas for UFC 148 Sunday Vegas possibly Grand Canyon Monday...
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    MTV 2011 Hottest MC Nominees vol. Trolling MTV is trolling

    It’s the list that you love to hate. As MTV prepares for their annual Hottest MCs List of last year, they have just announced a list of nominees. The top 10-6 will each be revealed next week and the remaining 5 on Sunday, February 19th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV2. Your 25 nominees are after the jump...
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    What's on your bucket list?

    I'm sure this topic has been done but I didn't see it in the search. Drive cross country (which I'm doing this summer) Fly a hot air balloon in Africa Run the Athens Marathon in Greece See the World Cup, Super Bowl, El Clasico and Olympics Master an instrument Learn another language Write...
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    Why isn't Ice Cube mentioned among the "GOATs"?

    I'm not one to harp on who is the GOAT.  It's all opinion based.  But the lack of mention for Ice Cube in the upper echelon (with the Pac's, BIG's, Nas', and Jay's) of rap has always been puzzling to me. He has more than one classic album.  He started an entire subgenre of rap music.  His...
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    Just realized I have a tax return coming from 2008. How do I go about filing?

    I always assumed that my 2008 taxes had been filed but after doing research I found that the filing was never completed.  So now I want to know how I can get the return. I know that I have to do it before Jan 1. as there is a 3 year window to file for a return and after that, the money belongs...
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    Was she foul or am I taking this the wrong way?

    Back story:  My best friend and I live in DC.  We talk from the time we go to work to the time we go to sleep, everyday.  We've been friends since like 2003. Three weeks ago, my best friend was trying to figure out what to do for her birthday.  Her other friend goes "Let's go to NY".  Of...
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    Got an interview at a radio station. Need some assistance.

    So I applied for a job at a radio station in a spur of the moment, "what do I got to lose", sort of way.  The job is as an associate producer of a college sports show.  I have a sports management degree and I slightly (maybe largely) exaggerated my experience within radio.  I worked at my...
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    Happy Birthday to an American Icon

    If he had a birthday party,  it would be
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    How long before MMA over takes boxing in the sports landscape?

    I watched both boxing (Klitschko/Haye) and MMA (UFC 132) events yesterday and the disparity between the two as far as entertainment goes was quite large.  I am a huge boxing fan and still believe in the "sweet science" that goes into putting together a masterful boxing match.  However, in...
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    How much do intentions mean to you?

    If someone wrongs you or makes a much do you take into account their intentions? Example: A female friend of mine is engaged to this guy.  She gets pregnant but she doesn't really want to have children yet.  She has a discussion with her fiancee saying she isn't sure whether she...
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    Smoking Section: Midterm Grades: 2010 XXL Freshmen Class

    FREDDIE GIBBS Excellence – What haven’t we said about Gibbs already? His buzz has taken him everywhere from MTV to the New Yorker. Gibbs has capitalized on his acclaim by dropping an EP and arguably the best mixtape of the year, exhibiting a flow that’s close to flawless. Needs Improvement –...
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    Does this commercial piss anybody else off?

    I hate this freakin commercial. Its so ridiculous. The worst part is that this is actually bad sportsmanship. You aren't supposed to question/argue a referee's call. I wish I was on this kids team or the coach...I'd told him to sit his dumb*$$ down on the bench.
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    Why is Eminem garbage? Give me a GOOD reason.

    I understand not liking a rapper for whatever reason.  But how can you call someone garbage, which basically equates to having no skill, just because you dislike what they do? I have yet to find someone who can give me a legit reason why Eminem is garbage.  And don't give me "I just don't...
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    What's the first song/verse you learned word-for-word?

    The first song I learned word-for-word was "I'm Bad" by LL Cool J One of the first verses I remember learning was Ice Cube's verse from "Straight Outta Compton" brother was a huge Cube fan and I learned it from hearing him play it.  Funny thing was I was like 9 and wasn't allowed to curse.
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    I didn't like _________ until.....?

    I didn't like Illmatic as an album until I moved to NY for college. I didn't like Dey Know until I heard it in the club. I didn't like Lil Wayne until he made The Carter (more later)
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    What is the return for being romantic to a woman?

    So women get romance, right?  In order to keep a woman satisfied, a man should be romantic.  But other than her satisfaction, what do we get in return? What exactly is the male equivalent of that?  Meaning, what are we exchanging for this romance?  Men (most men) don't need romance or romantic...
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    Anybody got any certifications? Wanna trade materials? vol. NCSA, NASM, ACE, etc.

    Just got my NASM & ACE materials to take the exam.  Borrowed them from a friend.  Anybody else got any certifications?  What was your studying/test taking experience like?  Care to share the materials with your NT brethren?
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    New Nike World Cup Ad vol. Don Draper works for Nike

    Already posted in another thread but I don't think it was embedded. Plus it's awesome enough to warrant it's own thread. Nike's ad people never cease to amaze me. Couple notes: Rooney's ill beard and gut. That's the quickest Ronaldo has ever gotten off of the ground. Where's Cantona? Nike...
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    The Carter series vs. The Blueprint series

    How would you rank them individually and overall? Individually: Blueprint 1 > Carter 1 > Carter 2 > Blueprint 3 > Carter 3 > Blueprint 2 Overal: Blueprint series > Carter series...mainly because the overall superiority of Blueprint 1 to the rest which are all pretty even. 
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    A 16 y/o lies about bein 19 and admits to lyin after sex, we still go to jail?!?

    Not saying Lawrence Taylor is a saint by any stretch, but this law is a raw deal for any man.  A girl can admit that she lied about being older and you will still serve up to 4 years and be a registered sex offender.  This pisses me off so much.  That law is set up for men to get caught up.  Do...
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