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  1. bigshake

    I need this candy...vol. Raven's Revenge

    I remember this candy from my childhood years, always having one in my pocket...Does anyone know if this companies alive still, or where i can get some?
  2. bigshake

    Best songs of the summer so far?

    J. Cole - Work Out (The beat is ) Drake - Marvin's Room  Kanye West ft. Pete Rock, Jay-z, Kid Cudi - The Joy  These three songs are on repeat for me, what are you listening too? 
  3. bigshake

    I need a Kindle Case...OTHER pics as well

    I need a case (leather preferred) for a 6" Kindle I bought the other day, Amazons prices are ridiculous (34.99 ) I'm looking to spend less than that. Can you help me find one for cheaper? Thanks.[/spoiler]
  4. bigshake


    does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle?
  5. bigshake

    Drunk Texting

    Someone inspired me to make this thread in another thread but anyways... Have you ever got buzzed/drunk and just started texting girls you used to mess with or girls your trying to get at and become extra friendly with them. With me: Positive effects - (12th grade) i got with this bad chick...
  6. bigshake

    Alife shoes...airmax 90's

    Where can you get ALIFE kicks-any color- and Air Max 90 -infrared, electric blue, turqouise- ? No extreme prices would also be appreciated. Im a size 12-13.
  7. bigshake

    Buying "old" editions of textbooks.

    I know alot of people on here are in college, so I felt like "threading" this. My hate goes out to all the publishers who come out with a new edition every year just to make you buy the new edition, therefore, stopping you from copping the used (last years) edition on amazon for like 8 bucks +...
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