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  1. diaztwenty3


    Hey fellow NTers just wondering what you guys would pay for a Jersey of such caliber. Legitly Authentic just wondering for a PC and the most I can get out of you guys! Thanks!
  2. diaztwenty3

    Beautiful HD camera... whats a good camera to pick up?

    Is it just me or is camera in the video one of the clearest camera out there? I really want to find a photo camera that takes beautiful pictures in top of the line quality but can anyone point me in the direction to find an affordable camera. I am in awe with the camera used in the video! I...
  3. diaztwenty3

    Air Jordan Collection

    Here are a few pics of my collection as of April 2, 2010; have been collecting jays for about a year and half now but have been into Jordans since I was a little kid just couldnt afford em! Most of the kicks I have are just shoes that I have always liked and been able to get my hands on and new...
  4. diaztwenty3

    Air Jordan XI Pick-up

    Hey NT just wanted to post some of my XI's that Ive been collecting for awhile..I actually picked up the OG Breds yesterday and Im taking the opportunity to post em all up!!! Let me know what you guys think... Im just in need of some columbias and concords so if you guys have some hook it up...
  5. diaztwenty3

    I know almost everyone has a story to tell... What's your story of success or failure for J's?

    I really want to see how and how far people will go to get a pair of shoes that they really want! For those who have camped out before in the last maybe decade of releases I know everyone has a story to tell.........Whats yours? So getting to NTLA on February 5th at about 4:30am for a wristband...
  6. diaztwenty3

    Air Jordan 2001 Retro Columbia XI's

    Trying to sell but can't figure out a starting price! What would you guys pay for a DS pair of Columbias? Sz 11? Comes with original box, Retro card,Sealed with ziplock bag and both were seran wrapped but unwrapped one for the pics! Srry for the pic quality.
  7. diaztwenty3

    Air Jordan Defining Moment Package VI/XI Sz. 10

    Hey all NTers, probably planning to sell in the near future, and just trying to get some PCs to get an idea of how much loot to max out on! , Just wondering how much you guys would be willing to pay for a DS, icy freshpair of DMP's! Enjoy!!!
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