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  1. njcollector

    VVNDS 13s Countdown Package Size 10.5 White/Black

    Another pair of mine from the countdown package, again in great condition other then the crease on the toe. Payment-Paypal only Shipping only to Paypal authenticated addresses Only to the USA I can take more pictures, if you need.
  2. njcollector

    Air Jordan 1s Countdown Package, White/Red/Black Size 10.5 VNDS

    Another pair from the countdown package, they are in good condition other then the crease. 100% Real Payment- Paypal Only Shipping only to authenticated Paypal addresses Only to the USA I can take more pics, if you need
  3. njcollector

    Nike SB lows "Purple Pigeons" VNDS Size 10.5

    Not going to lie, these are pretty beat in terms of crease on the toe, the condition of the suede is great and overall it has held up throughout the years, i bought these on flightclub, i may have the box somewhere but that isn't a guarantee. 100% Real Payment- Paypal only Shipping only to...
  4. njcollector

    Air Jordan 7s "Flints" White/Varsity Purple VNDS Size 10.5

    I really liked these, i bought them on flightclub, there's a small oil stain on the left toe but other then that it is in a very good condition. 100% Real Payment- Paypal only Only ship to authenticated Paypal addresses Only USA I can take more pics, if you need.
  5. njcollector

    VNDS Countdown Package 9s White/Black Size 10.5

    Good condition 100% Real Payment- Paypal only Only ship to Paypal authenticated addresses Only to the US I can take more pics, if you need.
  6. njcollector

    Air Jordan "Taxis" Size 10.5 NDS

    From the countdown package 12/11s, i have the original countdown box if you want it as well, but it'll cost you a bit more. Size 10.5 Real Payment- Paypal only Only ship to USA and only to Paypal authenticated addresses. I can take more pictures if you need.
  7. njcollector

    Almost got shot, NT lawyers/criminal-justice majors help me out

    So im home for the holidays, and my family owns a restaurant, my dad's van had the supplies and he was hoping to move it from the van to his daily driver, i helped and so as our van was pulling out of the driveway, i halted traffic, 1 guy complied the other guy behind him nearly swiping me its a...
  8. njcollector

    So i just got a speeding ticket

    Never have been to court or received a speeding ticket, what am i suppose to be expecting? I did 80 in a 55mph, he also gave me a ticket for obstruction of the rearview mirror(Had my college's parking permit)which is also non payable, asked him why and he said he could also charge me for...
  9. njcollector


    Remember that thread with the gym chick? For those who don't, well near the end if November I was having or well she was having an affair with me, cheating on her husband. 3 weeks go by of constant get togethers and then she says I'm too immature/boy and she can't keep meeting up like this...
  10. njcollector


  11. njcollector

    Top 10 movies of the 21st century?Vol.-No spoilers.

    It's a rainy day here in Jersey, and with that being said I have nothing better to do then expand my movie selection and possibly enlighten yours. Here is my top/favorite ten picks(in no particular order) followed by why it is on MY list: Spirited Away- Kind of got me into Anime flicks, as i...
  12. njcollector

    Justin holman

    and jackie Chan star in rush hour /4/. COOL BEANS.
  13. njcollector


    Someone just called my house at 1:04, giving some type of threat towards me and my brother. My mother picked up the phone. She is hysterical saying we did something bad to someone, and can not sleep. I'm not one to call the cops, i would like to take care of business on my own. How would one...
  14. njcollector

    Bulldog Owners step in Vol. School me

    Buying a bulldog she's 9weeks, driving to PA and should have pics uploaded of it by Mon/Tues-Day. Anything i should know or buy for it before hand? It's for my little sister and brother, but i will help take care of it when i'm home. Thanks in advance. Edit- Purebred English Bulldog.
  15. njcollector

    Where can i buy a Bulldog(pure bred),In the tri-state Area(NJ/NY/CT)

    As the Title says...Can anyone help me find a respectable breeder,or pet store with pure bred Bulldogs. (more or less have a selection of them) I want to buy one for my little sister;all help will be appreciated Money is not a factor. Edit-Bulldog Puppies,only please.
  16. njcollector

    Help me out NT Vol.WTH

    My eye is swollen alot,the bottom eye lid. It is not purple nor blue. I don't know if it is a insect bite or cause of maybe of skin product. Anything ya'll can advice to swell it down...i got a meeting today with my boss,at 4pm...i start work at 2pm...Fast advice,anything would be very...
  17. njcollector

    Bred IV's help to restore

    Hey i was wondering if you can help me restore my bred IV' restore i mean everything make it look like new...The black paint is fading out and thewhite paint is yellowing and the gray is yellowing..Please help me out. here is the pics:
  18. njcollector

    Community College Vol.Is it good?

    Hey i was wondering for all my NTers that went to community college....these questions..since i will most likely have to go there. 1-How long till you transfer out to another college? 2-Is it easy to transfer to another college?Like do they accept you right away or do they deny you because you...
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