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  1. Renaldo Balkman

    NFL QB - out with the old, in with the new

    Letʻs face it... father time has finally taken out many of the leagues most veteran QBʻs: Eli Manning - benched Andrew Luck - retired Big Ben - out for the year Drew Brees - 6 weeks/broken hand Cam Newton - shoulder/foot 2 weeks and counting Who do you guys consider the new 5 who will be legit...
  2. Renaldo Balkman

    Equality for all thread - oppression for things that don't seem to matter (for me: bar soap)

    With all these discussions about equality I just want to voice something that has bothered me lately, and that is the shaming of people who still prefer to use bar soap. All I hear about is how “bad it is for your shower” but have ever stopped to think about how good it might be for us in the...
  3. Renaldo Balkman

    the thread about nathan...

    We have the thread about nothing... but this is the thread about nathan AKA can you put up a realistic post while misspelling a word in true NT fashion?
  4. Renaldo Balkman

    Top line of all time...

    What do you think is the best rap lyric of all time? My vote is Jay Z “Empire State Of Mind” when he says “If Deezy paying Lebron, I’m paying Dwayne Wade” In 2009 when the big free agency market of Lebron, Wade, Amare, Boozer, Bosh etc was happening Jay Z was part owner of the Brooklyn Nets...
  5. Renaldo Balkman


    2018 season is in the books and we got to get a good look at FIVE rookie quarterbacks who have franchise potential. Here is the final QBR ratings on the season (keep in mind they all played a different amount of games). As far as draft order, here is how it went down: 1) Browns - Baker...
  6. Renaldo Balkman

    Box logo hoodie check

    thanks in advance...
  7. Renaldo Balkman

    Supreme TNF expedition legit check

    Quick legit check... thanks in advance!
  8. Renaldo Balkman

    Sports cards thread - rookies, autographs, up arrows

    I used to collect cards in the 80's/90's and still have boxes in the closet. Majority of them aren't worth much anymore however recently I started looking up how crazy the market is for post Tom Brady era rookies that are serial numbered/signed/jersey patch etc. Anyone on NT still plugged into...
  9. Renaldo Balkman

    WTB - Merona heat

    looking for Merona heat from previous seasons - L/XL and 34-38 waist
  10. Renaldo Balkman

    Time travel thread

    First and foremost this thread is only for those who are able to time travel forward or back in time. Once you return from your journey, feel free to post what you did. *anyone who hints at changing the past to change the current or future will be exposed as a liar ————————————— I went...
  11. Renaldo Balkman

    Supreme box logo hoodie - red/purple

    passed authentication locally but you can never be too careful...
  12. Renaldo Balkman

    ceNTrum silver THREAD - for the washed old guys on NT to talk about failed pick ups

    When you hit your mid to late 30ʻs, Centrum Silver is a pill that helps with the aches and pains. ceNTrum silver is the Niketalk thread pill to help us old dudes with the aches and pains of failed cops for shoes and clothing. ] what is your story?
  13. Renaldo Balkman

    Merona x NT - they rebrand, we rebuild...

    Release dates: Links: Member check in and then I will update releases for the hottest brand out there 8)
  14. Renaldo Balkman

    the NT national summit meeting

    if everyone one NT was in the same place, at the same time... let's just say a full convention center rented out with music, open bar, etc. WHAT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN? my first guess would be @instagram would grab the mic and point out @AirSakuragiand scream "I AM THE TENSAI OF...
  15. Renaldo Balkman

    Yeezy 2 solars

    seems like I may have FINALLY found my pair to complete my Yeezy 1 and 2 set... if these are bogus I may end my search... just want to make sure before I pull the trigger...
  16. Renaldo Balkman

    the Pet Peeve thread

    RULE: YOU CAN ONLY POST ONE PET PEEVE AT A TIME I cannot stand when you are about to drive somewhere, and the wifey says "oh wait, I forgot something in the house" and proceeds to run out of the car to grab the item while leaving the door wide open so you can't reverse anywhere, and all...
  17. Renaldo Balkman

    NT make my Boston trip legendary - Nov 20-23

    Heading up to Boston with a buddy for a conference... Need your help making a solid itinerary... staying near the convention center... HELP US OUT NT Thursday Nov 20) open Friday Nov 21) open Saturday Nov 22) BOSTON BRUINS GAME - my former student was able to score us tickets Sunday Nov 23)...
  18. Renaldo Balkman

    Marvel and DC Universe Club - NT teacher needs some help and ideas

    What's up guys... I started a club at my middle school called: MARVEL VS DC UNIVERSE Here is how I was thinking of running the club, but I could use more ideas/suggestions: 1) We have a fantasy draft on the first day, and every student selects their favorite HERO and favorite VILLAIN. 2)...
  19. Renaldo Balkman


    trusted seller here... done TONS OF DEALS so please purchase/trade with confidence. I ship USPS priority mail and only accept paypal FS/FT - SUPREME XL TEE - PREFIERO - used 8/10 condition - white, black, brown and grey colors available. $50 shipped in the US via paypal
  20. Renaldo Balkman


    trusted seller here... done TONS OF DEALS so please purchase/trade with confidence. I ship USPS priority mail and only accept paypal FS/FT - SUPREME XL TEE - NEW WORLD ORDER - used 8/10 condition - grey and black colors available. $60 shipped in the US via paypal
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