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  1. beeniemon


    I dont know if you guys remember this, but a couple years back there was a post about this girl, that had her whole life from like ages 14-23 documented in photos.   The photos show her starting off as a regular teen, and then she turned into a rocker/punker chick, then to an emo/goth, then to...
  2. beeniemon

    WHERE is a good place to have a 19th bday party?

    so im turning 19 on may 15th, and my party will be saturday after (19th). i have a few places in mind, such as: - fox and the fiddle (kennedy commons) - piccadilly circus - some random clubs any suggestions/ideas? itll help if some of yall could hook me up with somewhere, and of course the...
  3. beeniemon

    I NEED A NEW JOB.....hook a fellow torontonian up

    my current job aint cuttin it at all, 2 shifts a week. i was jus wondering if any of yall dudes know of an opening or any places 18 yrs old with a high school diploma and currently enrolled in college for auto tech. not much to work with i know, but if you come across something...
  4. beeniemon

    ORLANDO PENNY 1's came out in we get em?

    yo theres like a 20 page thread in nike retro about orlando penny 1's releasing, and i noticed they out on wondering if canada is getting any? id love to get my hands on a pair God created turbo lag to give V8's a chance.
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