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  1. black racer x

    What's the name of this comic strip?

  2. black racer x

    Do you/Did you get along with your parent's SO?

    I'm talking to the people who's parents divorced or who come from singleparent homes where their parent had a significant other. Do you or didyou get along with them? Were ya'll close or stuck to yaselves..beingaround my Dad's SO is  awkward for me and I chose not to be aroundher if i could. I...
  3. black racer x

    Can we look to the animal kingdom to see how we should conduct ourselves?

    In a bit of a rush so I'll make this short. There are a lot of people who believe that you can, there are others who say you cant. One reason being animals from a human definition are generally non sentient or rather..aren't self aware. Now when you talk about sentient and non-sentient the...
  4. black racer x

    Is youtube down for you?

    I'm receiving error messages when I try to play a video, is this happening to anyone else?
  5. black racer x

    20 Weirdest Apartments of the World Vol. Marina City cameo

    Thought ya'll would find this interesting 1. Expo 67 – Montreal Quebec, Canada Expo 67 is what would happen if an architect wholoved Legos as a kid built apartments with them as an adult. Its uniquedesign is the product of 354 solid cubes constructed on top of eachother and coalesced into...
  6. black racer x

    Fake Antivirus Program Features Live Tech Support

    IDG News Service - In an effort to boost sales, sellers of a fake antivirus product knownas Live PC Care are offering their victims live technical support. According to researchers at Symantec,once users have installed the program, they see a screen, falselyinforming them that their PC is...
  7. black racer x

    Sellin dope is coo, but rap is on my mind

     its hard to do them both and get my bread at the timee
  8. black racer x

    What constitutes being freaky nowadays?

    backdoor loving? mta? domination of some sort?
  9. black racer x

    Do you ever give strangers a ride?

    Ive been presented with situations where I could have many times but never have. Its always someone who seems "off" or not sincere. Just the other day the girl was talking me up about my car (240sx) and pointed to a Honda nearby citing it as hers saying she paid $1200 for it. She asked me some...
  10. black racer x

    Scientists baffled by amazon mystery

    "They believe the inhabitants were killed by European colonists and disease"
  11. black racer x

    Kid Capri & Loaded Lux Presents - Get Ya Tapes Ready

    1.Kid Capri Intro2.Locked & Loaded Freestyle3.Run This Town Freestyle4.Goin' In Frestyle5.I Go Off Freestyle6.I Wanna Rock Freestyle7.Biggest Movie Ever Freestyle8.Wasted Freestyle9.Say Aahh Freestyle10.Dirty Munee Freestyle feat. 1211.Slow Money Freestyle feat. Booda Early12.The Corner...
  12. black racer x

    Im so throwed off appreciation

    Im curious, does this only get play in South Florida?
  13. black racer x

    13-Year-Old Girl that Looks 40 Years Older

    Zara Hartshorn from the UK is 13 years old. But she looks much olderthan her age. She suffers from a genetic disease called lipodystrophythat makes her look like an adult. Elementary and middle school most of been rough as hell..calling her monkey face?
  14. black racer x

    Walking into the club on gay night unappreciation

    ...I hope no one I know saw me..then again I dont really know any gay people lol. But yea, I was a little too drunk for my own good but knew what it waswhen I saw a dude giving another dude a dub
  15. black racer x

    NT whats for dinner?

    I was thinking about cooking salmon fillet with some wild rice and gravy with some spinach on the side but im not reallying in a cooking mood. Last I recallfish isnt something you can get delivery so maybe I'll settle for fried calamari with some sauteed broccoli.
  16. black racer x

    NT whats the name of this song

    This is a skit but what is the name of the song playing in the background?
  17. black racer x

    Half-naked PETA activists turn heads in downtown Fort Lauderdale

    FORT LAUDERDALE - Animal rights activists turned heads downtown Thursday as they doused themselves in fake blood and lay onthe sidewalk, half-naked and wrapped in plastic. Their message: Meat is murder. About two dozen volunteers and staff members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals...
  18. black racer x

    Behind the laughter, money, and relationships..are you really happy?

    Be honest, If not with me (or us nters) at least with yourself. Are you happy? If not, why? What step are you talking to get there? What's stopping you?
  19. black racer x


    This thread has run its course for me. I asked for clarification and I received it. Thank you.
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