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  1. datkidfiasco

    What Makes You Happy?

    Whatsup Nt, i've been going through some stuff and i really just cant get out of this way im feeling. I have started walking , talking to someone , but nothing is working. What do you guys do? Any advice will help. 
  2. datkidfiasco

    Economics Majors

    I added economics as my second major ( marketing is my first) because i wanted to have something that made me stand out in interviews and i generally am good and like economics. What jobs do you guys have? any tips on how i should approach looking for careers when i am done?
  3. datkidfiasco

    2014 Oscar nominations

     BEST PICTURE American Hustle Charles Roven, Richard Suckle, Megan Ellison, and Jonathan Gordon, Producers View Trailer /More InformationCaptain Phillips Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca, Producers View Trailer /More InformationDallas Buyers Club Robbie Brenner and Rachel Winter...
  4. datkidfiasco

    Gnarles Barkley Appreciation

    I really hope a new album comes soon.
  5. datkidfiasco

    Chinese food

    Same guy who wrote "Friday". Biggest troll
  6. datkidfiasco


    After watching this it makes me want to go bad this summer, but it just isnt safe enough. Such an amazing country being wasted by constant wars
  7. datkidfiasco

    Going To New York

    Hey guys , i am going at the end of the month and am wondering what i should do ? what are good places to stay for around 250-300$ a night?
  8. datkidfiasco

    Best footwork for a big man in the nba

    im thinking al jefferson ?
  9. datkidfiasco

    Awful Prof unappreciation post.

    I just wrote my finance final , and over the course of the semester i was struggling and if i went to go to talk to him he would laugh at me for asking question or if i did something wrong. As i handed in my final , he walked me out , while flipping through my exam and infront of 500 students ...
  10. datkidfiasco

    "Why i hate school but love education"

  11. datkidfiasco

    DAS IT

    My friend sent me this while i was studying, i thought it was hilarious hahah
  12. datkidfiasco

    Impulse purchases you regret

    I just bought a ps vita and im regretting it by the minute 
  13. datkidfiasco

    Being nice doesn't pay off

    Last night i get to the library, open my door, and the wind catches it and it hits the car next to me. Turns out to be my friend whos dad owns a Place that fixes cars, me being the nice guy that i am, tells her and she just texted me saying that the dent and "repainting" of the door was going to...
  14. datkidfiasco

    Weight help

    Hey guys, Ive been trying to lose weight by cutting out pop/ junk food but its not working. I have been trying to eat healthy and working out when i can in the past 2 weeks but i keep gaining weight !  Is there any tips you guys can give me for help ? sorry if there is a thread like this already 
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