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  1. pusha c

    Blu & Madlib - UCLA

    so much potential
  2. pusha c

    If you think Lupe is one of the GREASTEST why aren't you listening to Blu???

    Erybody know about Below the Heavens and Johnson & Johnson (which i thought was better than BTH... SAY SOMETHING!) But you don't hear about his more recent projects around these parts like that... Why not? Dude got FLAMES
  3. pusha c

    Food & Liquor (Advance) Appreciation!!!!

    This was SUPPOSED to be lupe's debut album... Although it is very good, I am happy that this leaked because he re-worked damn near all the songs that were on here that made his debut shout out to "Trials and Tribulations" bka "Pressure" feat. jay-z i know most of yall rememeber, this is when...
  4. pusha c

    Goodman vs. Drew League Game...

    Who rollin??
  5. pusha c

    Where is My Man Jay Mariotti Though???

    dude used to have me DYING on the daily... what ever happened to him since he whooped that trick?
  6. pusha c


    i JUST realized what that circle to the left of people's s/n means...
  7. pusha c

    My Concept Album: geNeral Public Radio

    The DC Metro Area is quickly becoming known as a hotbed for upcoming musical talent. PG County's own, The General, is adding his own special blend of hip-hop flavor to it. With Danny Fal as the mind behind the instrumental, The General is providing a fresh perspective on life situations on his...
  8. pusha c

    Do You Take Women/Men You Meet Online Serious??? vol. naaaaaahhhhh duuuudde

    if i were to ever meet a chick online and start seeing her... i don't think i could ever take her seriously and make her my gf.  like... you out with your friends and they ask "oh where did you meet her?" and you say on the internet  how lame is that? i couldn't bring myself to EVER get in a...
  9. pusha c

    Aye NT... What Your GO-TO Meal/Snack???

    say you're hungry, don't feel like going out (cause of the ) you know you got food in the crib... what you got that puts you in that state of fat boy euphoria? - chicken strips (tysons joints >>>>> *) - burritos - pop tarts i STAY with all these in the fridge.
  10. pusha c

    Jamiroquai Appreciation vol. perfect compliment to the trees

    `i know all yall remember virtual insanity back in the day but i decided to "cop" the discography and  this guys band is AMAZING!!!!!
  11. pusha c

    Inhale... Exhale... IS THAT TWENTY-LEVEN TWENTY-LEVEN!!! vol. BYB feat. Slim Charles

    This is the HARDEST song I've heard in the past 5 years young...  @$+! it, I'm goin to see back at marygolds on wednesday ahaha
  12. pusha c

    To Those Who Think Lil B is Gay But Not Lil Wayne...

    Why not? Cause he raps about su-woo this and that? Lil B SAYS gay $*%$... Lil Wayne DOES gay $*%$... Explain yourselves
  13. pusha c

    FREE SHOW in Adams Morgan THIS SATURDAY at Bobby Lews Saloon...

    Whats good yall, my band got a free show on saturday at bobby lews saloon... we playin 2 sets so we rockin ALL NIGHT! After our last set we're having a jam session, I'ma pass the mic around for %@#$@+ to get on and rap with us so holla at me!
  14. pusha c

    Bonus Track On My Concept Album "geNeral Public Radio" Feedback Please

    i rap with a local funk/rock/r&b band called the New Retro (a lil mixtape and i've made a couple connects which let me to making my first "mixtape" i just finished all the recording so it should be out within the next month or so. this is the last track on it...
  15. pusha c

    SERIOUSLY... Has Anyone Ever Met a Black Man Named...

    Toby? After much my roommate and I were talkin/lunchin and this question popped into my head. Of course I haven't and neither had he which leads me to this thread... Has ANYBODY ever met/known a black person named Toby? What did he look like? Was he a lightskin, abercrombie and fitch sweater...
  16. pusha c

    This $$#! Right Here Touched MY SOUL Man!!!

    i love you
  17. pusha c

    What Is the Avg Age of a Music Forum Poster???

    The statements that I have read over the past few months haven't just been outlandish but outright DISRESPECTFUL. I'm not the oldest person but I understand that in order to PROPERLY comprehend current music you HAVE TO look to the past... Apparently that isn't the case with the vast majority of...
  18. pusha c

    UGK - Underground Kingz Appreciation...

    Its just one of them days and felt like listening to some Pimp C knowledge so i revisited this album... this joint is STILL amazing! i remember bumpin this joint HARD in college but i haven't listened since then. Double cd of straight pimp, smokin music RIP Sweet Jones 
  19. pusha c

    That One (or more) Suck-Up In the Office Unappreciation

    How do these people live with themselves? How do you work to please somebody else by going behind peoples back to make yourself look better? Why can't they just DO THEIR JOBS and not try and be in the favor of the bosses at your CO-WORKERS expense? How can they possibly think this is the right...
  20. pusha c

    What's The Hype With Kid Cudi??? Why Is His Music "SO Good?"

    I didn't like his first joint very much and I gave it many plays to try and force myself to like it... I got his second joint in hopes that it would be better... Its worse. He's tone-deaf, yeah he makes songs(lyric wise his joints are pretty good) but he's not a singer that tries to sing. His...
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