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  1. teamjordan79

    Living with ISIS 2016 - Documentary Vol. We're supporting these %&#?

    :eek :x These people are bat&*#% crazy and seemingly can't get laid unless the woman is at gunpoint. Also raises a lot of questions (and provides some answers) in relation to who the US is actually supporting in Iraq/Syria. Notable highlights: -Saudi Arabian insignias make a lot of...
  2. teamjordan79

    Number Of Homeless People In NYC Reaches All-Time High Vol. 62,000 :eek :eek :{
  3. teamjordan79

    'All type of Dominicans would start identifying as black if the is were to happen' vol. Reparations

    New experimental website enables people who identify as white pay or provide free services to people who identify as black. Thoughts? 8o *title courtesy of Willchamberlain
  4. teamjordan79

    How Hot is Your Block? -- Interactive Map Shows the Shootings Near You for 2015 8o Chicago is a warzone :x
  5. teamjordan79

    8 Year Car Lease = Real Life :rollin US auto sales crushed expectations in October Surprise! Leasing benzes and living at moms is a growing trend: who's gonna whip that new 3-series for the next decade? 8o Edit: car loans hit a trillion for...
  6. teamjordan79

    what on god's green earth...Vol. Rumblr, The Tinder of Fighting :rollin :{ :rollin
  7. teamjordan79

    P Diddy says Voting is a Scam, 'Vote or Die was full of ****'

    ....come to think of it, voter turnout generates the appearance of legitimacy, with no risk to the establishment. If the elite control the choices, they control the outcome. and.... 'Vote or Die' = Terrorism: (noun) the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the...
  8. teamjordan79

    Study: Men Who Catcall Overcompensate For Their Small Balls...

    Article Seems like a reach to me, but i immediately thought of that vid of the chick walking around in NY 8o
  9. teamjordan79

    YouTube Red: Ad-free vids and music for $10/month announced...kinda want

    Google announces subscription-based, ad-free YouTube Red service i usually don't do subscriptions, i.e. Apple Music but this is kinda tempting. 8o
  10. teamjordan79

    I Wanna Donate $200 in Bitcoin to a NT Charity - How to do it? Vol. Microsoft Accepts BTC

    What's up NT, My friend entered a writing contest and he will win 3 bitcoins or around 1,050 USD if his story wins the poll vote. He has also agreed to take $200 from this and send it to any charity. So I suggested NT, which had some really cool project in the past such as helping build a...
  11. teamjordan79

    Raising Awareness of Misandry

  12. teamjordan79

    "Bush, Reagan let drugs flow free to US from Nicaragua" - Rick Ross

    Cliffnotes: -The real Rick Ross calls out security guard Rick Ross   -US Govt used drug money to fund contras in Nicaragua - the interviewer seems to be an aimbot my bad if posted already
  13. teamjordan79

    New FREE Gorillaz Album: The Fall (link 320kbps)

    This is a free xmas gift from the gorillaz, its a new project available for download on their site, supposedly done entirely on the ipad.   Tracklist: Phoner To Arizona Revolving Doors HillBilly Man Detroit Shy-town Little Pink Plastic Bags The Joplin Spider The Parish of Space Dust The...
  14. teamjordan79

    Turn off your mic next time...

  15. teamjordan79

    Chrisette Michele - Let Freedom Reign (NEW ALBUM) :smh

    1. Fairy Tales and Castles (Part 1) 2. I'm A Star 3. Number One 4. Fairy Tales and Castles (Part 2) 5. I Don't Know Why, But I Do 6. Let Freedom Reign feat. Talib Kweli & Black Thought 7. Goodbye Game 8. So Cool 9. So In Love feat. Rick Ross 10. So In Love Skit 11. I'm Your Life 12...
  16. teamjordan79

    Devin The Dude - Gotta Be Me - 2010..... Vol. YES on Prop 19

    1. Its Going Down 2:57 2. Come And Go 3:30 3. I Like What U Do 4:43 4. Shut Up 0:55...
  17. teamjordan79

    The rent is too damn high!

    ima put my money on that being dave chapelle with a fake beard 
  18. teamjordan79

    DEAD PREZ - Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz *Download Mixtape*

    e man i needed this in my life, been bumping RBG like crazy lately waiting on Information Age DL
  19. teamjordan79

    Senate Passes Fianance Bill ...
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