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  1. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread January 1st / Happy New Years NTWT Weekend Edition

    Haven't been watching for a while....why is Orton apart of the Wyatt Family? :lol
  2. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread July 11-18/WWE Live Draft July 19th/ WWE Champ is Who The Hell Knows

    Watching Seth is brutal now. Miz also needs to get somebody to clean his belt. Its wild dirty.
  3. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread June 13-19/ Money In The Bank Sunday/Survey On Page 1

    If I was any Black male talent being pursued by WWE I'm not coming without the promise of a main event push and a chance at the title.
  4. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread May2-9/ The NEW ERA/WWE Black Friday/ Hornswoggle, Cameron, Santino, Zeb Colter, Al

    "How ARE you doing?" icewoicowecoiwejofjiewjfpijjcs Vaudevillians were great. Sev :smokin I know a lot of you dont agree but they need to push Zach. He still gets a pop 5-6 years later. Has held every title except the Heavyweight title. Something has to give. The main event was also good...
  5. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread Jan/Feb | 2/29 RAW - The Undertaker Returns to Respond to The McMahons

    Just came to say Steph was looking fantastic last night. Like eat the butt on the first date fantastic.
  6. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread Jan/Feb | 2/29 RAW - The Undertaker Returns to Respond to The McMahons

    Wonder why Jericho was so stiff with Styles...
  7. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread Jan 4-17 | 1/11 WCW Legend Going Into WWE HoF; Brock Returns to Raw Tonight

    Tamina always been very okayey. Wheres that pic of her from the HOF looking right a few years back? Cleavage was looking godly that night.
  8. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread 11/9-12/14 | Dec 13 WWE TLC - Sheamus (c) vs Roman Reigns TLC WWE Title Match

    Word. Took about an hour then it finally got stable.
  9. quincy powell

    Wrestling Thread Oct 5-18 | 10/11 NTWT SummerSlam PPV Prediction Contest Results!

    I haven't watched Raw in a month.
  10. quincy powell

    Apple iPhone thread| We on iPhone 12

    Can anyone explain why in music on my iPhone playlist are being duplicated each time i sync update?
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