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  1. suckafree85

    ****The Team__ Hell of a Night 2****

    Dropped today on Itunes. The first single has a good feel to it. Anyone else listening?
  2. suckafree85

    2011 Air Jordan 11 Concord.... Legit check!

    I need some help with these. These are size 11's. If you think they're fake can you please state why? Thanks
  3. suckafree85

    NikeTalk help me out with some new songs.

    I been gone for the last couple of months at BCT for the Army..Hooah! I'm lost right now with music.  What new music has come out in the last 2 1/2 months.   I listen to pretty much everything. Mostly Hip hop/Electro. I found out Kanye and Cudis album dropped so I'll get that. Then I have the...
  4. suckafree85

    Bay Area/Sac Club Scene

    So, I know im not the only one that goes clubbin all the time.   Where does everybody be going?  Could be in SF, San Jose, or even Sacramento. Name some good clubs and the type of music they play and what the scene is like.  SF.... I usually go to Ruby Skye(dope music) but I'll go anywhere. ...
  5. suckafree85

    I miss this.....

  6. suckafree85


    I know some of you guys have ordered from them.   How long did it take for them to ship you your stuff?   I was reading their facebook page and some of the people were complaining about them receiving whatever they ordered hella late... like months late.    Not even getting any responses back...
  7. suckafree85

    Yo.. Shanie Love OR Remi Belle??........Vol WSHH

  8. suckafree85

    NEW MUSIC... Jeezy, E40, B-Legit

    Dope beat dope flow.. Fiya
  9. suckafree85

    Dwarf Fight

    Dude in the red was getting messed up.�
  10. suckafree85

    What do you guys think is a nice way to say....

    Duck my Sick?? Is there?
  11. suckafree85


    "Thats the code for tha Killas" Yall remember this??? Video just came on MTV Jams. I haven't heard this song in hella long. Master P, Silkk, C-Murder This was the @%! back in the days... I remember trying to have all the No limit albums cus of the cases.
  12. suckafree85

    So how many of us Nters are on Unemployment???

    Like the title asks.... I been on unemployment since December. Its really helped me out because work is just too slow right now. I work for a private construction company thatdeals with post tension. Our company went from like 60+ employees to about 15 or 20. The only reason I still...
  13. suckafree85

    Tell All Book on Diddy's Shady Dealings.....
  14. suckafree85

    **New YA BOY** KUSH 2009

    Came out like a week ago... Anybody else get this?��� I know a few people on here were waiting on it but dude needs to blow up realtalk. Ya Boy came with the heat on every track as always.����� Supposedly he's dropping another album sometime thisyear�so we'll see what happens.� Opinions...
  15. suckafree85

    Music Forum Heads....What you guys listening to?

    Just wanted to see what everybody was knockin right now. I been listening to this a lot lately......Post what you been playin lately.
  16. suckafree85

    What's wrong with Canada???

    I always see tv shows and what not bashing Canada all the time. I never really cared to know why. But I'm bored right now so can anybody shed some light on this? why?
  17. suckafree85

    Whats up with Asians and Karaoke?

    When I used to go to my boys house for parties back in the days hisfamily members were always doing karaoke. Or just anytime that I've gone to an Asian persons house the older folks for the most part are always doingkaraoke. My aunts husband is Filipino and dude loves it. I went to a bar...
  18. suckafree85

    Bay Area. What ya'll doing for Halloween?

    Where is everyone going? I need a place to go. Somewhere in SF.
  19. suckafree85

    What happened to PYS?

    I been trying to go on this site for a couple days now and I get nothing. Anybody else have this problem or is it just me? sorry if its been posted already but NT has been messed up lately.
  20. suckafree85

    I know Ya'll felt that quake right now.......

    Just chillin in my bed right now and everything shook hella hard in my house. Twice. Heard the wood crack and %$%$.
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