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  1. ogjumpman

    What should i do to these?

    Aiight before i begin, this is my first time customizing shoes so be easy lol But i started this shoe but it still needs something to make it complete but i cant figure out what i was thinking of making the back side panel? blue as well but then the middle will look wierd (i tried it out in...
  2. ogjumpman

    Funniest movies?

    What are some of the funniest movies of all time or off the top of your mind? Of the top of my head i can name 40 year old virgin, superbad, and knocked up.
  3. ogjumpman


    I need to go to a live orchestra for class and was looking for one i can go to. I need one in the Los Angeles Area. If you guys know any free onesthat'll be great. I have to go to one today or tommorrow. I live in santa monica/west la so the farthest id like to travel is to downtown.
  4. ogjumpman

    Best strip clubs in LA?

    What are some of the best strip clubs in LA? Also has anyone been to any of the following strip clubs: 4Play? Plan B? Any good? Team Negrodamus
  5. ogjumpman

    Best Paintball parks?

    Where are the best paintball parks in Los angeles? I'm planning to go with like 10 friends and want a place that is reasonable price and is good all around. We're all beginners and it'll be either the first time or second time for 2 people in our group playing paintball. Also if anyone knows...
  6. ogjumpman

    Best buffets in the Los Angeles area?

    What are the best buffets in the Los Angeles area that arent that expensive 10-15 dollars max Team Negrodamus
  7. ogjumpman


    Were selling everything from: Fax Machines Massage kits 2 chairs Bedroom sets Kitchen appliances Microwave Brand new t-shirts and Much Much More The sale is from 8 AM- 3 PM Contact me at for the address. Team Negrodamus
  8. ogjumpman

    Best hooka spots in the valley?

    I was wondering what are some good hooka spots in the valley like encino area. Team Negrodamus
  9. ogjumpman

    PS Job needed

    I need a lot of help. I know a lot of you guys are good at photoshop and i need a big favor. I want to customize some low mainly white or all white af1's with a panda theme to it. Maybe something like painted bamboo on the side with some Chinese print on it somewhere. Be creative. It will be...
  10. ogjumpman

    Cement Print wallpaper

    Does anyone have the cement print wallpaper. I need some so i can do a photoshop.
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