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  1. nash


    were you jittering when you typed in your sn
  2. nash

    Rascist Rush Limbaugh on the Haiti Tragedy

    I really don't want to have to listen to this fool...what exactly does he say?
  3. nash

    Million Dollar Baby!!

  4. nash

    Montel Williams' daughter

    is that the bald dude or the "this is how we do it" dude
  5. nash


  6. nash

    So My Brother's Smashing Outside

    see at my house, we have this garage/studio in the back. My brother came in the house and told me not to go in the back, cause he's getting his rocksoff...should I go look? There's a small window I can see through so I'm not gonna be like sticking my nose into the room or anything.
  7. nash

    People You Sorta Knew That Died

    So a couple of hours ago, I found out that a dude from my school who just graduated this past semester got shot in the face and died over in Hyde Park. I hadonly talked to him a couple times, but from what I could tell he was a pretty cool dude and didn't deserve this even though he was known to...
  8. nash

    Secret Dookie

    This ever happen to yall? when you fart, only you thought it was a fart, and you have melted dook in your pants? I swear this happened to me like seven timesin elementary school and twice in junior high
  9. nash

    Looking at your dookie

    Anyone else do this after you dump?
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