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  1. homeboy d

    The Ill Suite sneaker art

    What up NT? I just wanted to let you guys know about my sneaker art tumblr The Ill Suite. I basically started this blog art a fun way to keep my speed up when inking and coloring in Photoshop. But the blog actually got some attention and was even featured on a few lifestyle blogs. So I just...
  2. homeboy d

    What's the temperature like right now in your city??

    its 57 in my area of SF
  3. homeboy d

    Price Check: Air Jordan VI Infrared sz11

    Price check please. Thanks
  4. homeboy d

    What Are Your Personal Top 5 HIP-HOP Classics?(Vol. It does not have to be a classic to everyone!)

    Just like the title says. And please, don't come in here just to bash other peoples opinions. If you do have to do that, give your reasons why. Without further ado... My Top 5 (In no order) Nas- Illmatic ( of course, I truly believe this is the greatest hip hop album ever) DMX- It's Dark and...
  5. homeboy d

    Homeboy D's collection: Any Comments Are Welcomed

    Well, I finally stopped being lazy and posted my collection. These are all of the remaining shoes that I have. I've had more in the past but, I decided toget rid of the ones that I don't really care about and keep only the ones that mean something to me. My first memory of sneakers is when I was...
  6. homeboy d

    NTers in San Francisco, I need some help /a favor.

    Ok, I just moved out here about three weeks ago for school and I don't know anything about the city or surrounding counties. IIts a little difficult get around thus far b/c I don't know the muni routes yet and I'm tired of spending money catching cabs. I'm staying at the Star Motel on Lombard...
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