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  1. eff ecks

    Calling my NT Legal heads. Vol. car accident

    Sunday night I was involved in a car accident. I was driving through an intersection with a green light when I was struck by a driver who didn't yield. My car is totaled, plus I've been having consistent neck, back, and hand pain. Cops came to the scene and did a report, the other driver was at...
  2. eff ecks

    Any aspiring actors in here? vol. must be Asian  posting for banned NTer, Coolidge Effect.
  3. eff ecks

    Who's watching Wayne l's expressions during the Mayeather fight?

    Too funny. Son can't take it. Lmaooooooo
  4. eff ecks

    So how are you spending your Saturday night?

    Currently im at this rachett club in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. It kinda makes me wonder what people from different cities think of Atlanta in general, especially nightlife.But anywho, how are you spending your Saturday night NT?
  5. eff ecks


    Vote for my friends new gaming invention, The GameGrabber. If you're into gaming you should especially check it out. Its really cool and you can see it in action in the link i posted.  You can vote via text message or Facebook.  If he wins, he can win enough grant money to be able to put this...
  6. eff ecks


    What's good with #NT? Work is about to be unbearable, and I need the Lulz. Y'all need to come out the woodworks. @KudzuNinja
  7. eff ecks

    How much do you pay for your Internet/cable package?

    I'm looking for some new packages for the crib. Don't wanna spend a grip though. What kinda deals do my NTers know about?
  8. eff ecks

    So I felt spontaneous....

    Waddup NT.So basically my bday is this up coming week and I wanted to do somthing spontaneous and new since I haven't before on my bday. Long story short, I decided to hop a stand by flight to NYC. This is my first time here and I'm alone. I'm from Atlanta staying at NYU with a friend I know...
  9. eff ecks


    I got the hook up on WTT tickets for the friday show. section 113 for $125. if yo still looking for tickets pm me. don't sleep.
  10. eff ecks

    anyone ever file exempt on taxes?

    how did it work? Im told you could do it for a couple months and not be penalized, but something just seems would be nice to see some tax free checks though. 
  11. eff ecks

    TECH HEADS!!! I need your assistance!

    Does anyone know how to retrieve files from a corrupted flash drive? i got some essays i need to get and my flash drive wont pull them up. the flash drive is a Centon pro 4gb ANY HELP?
  12. eff ecks

    does anybody here live in a boring/little/remote place?

    We know we have a lot of members that live in major cities around, but is there anyone who live in an different environment? or even if you do live in a major city and want to go to a smaller or remote place, where would it be?
  13. eff ecks

    What inspires/motivates you?

    for me: art (specifically visual art such as paintings, photography, drawings, dance, video) food (oddly enough, because there is so much interesting and new foods i want to try and most of it is expensive) cars (duh) women (duh x2)
  14. eff ecks

    How do you approach a girl you dont know?

    as in in public, or on the street, at school, the bank, etc.... what do you guys say to get the ball rolling and not come off as a creeper? Once i was sitting waiting for a the shuttle at school and was sittingnext to a fine girl. I pretended to do my homework and was writing and broke my...
  15. eff ecks


  16. eff ecks

    You ever try to talk to a chick that stays in a different city?

    How did it go? im VERY curious.....
  17. eff ecks

    What kind of Google Chrome extensions do you use?

    Im sure this thread has been made before, but what kind of extensions do you guys use?
  18. eff ecks

    For those in relationships....

    Where do you rank your relationship on your priorities list? What is it more important than and what is it not as important as in your life? And does your significant other know? Do they rank you're relationship the same, less, or more?
  19. eff ecks

    Lets start a trend.

    What if all of us NTers got together and started a global trend. I feel that there are enough of us to do it and if we all band together it is possible. We cover all regions of the US and some are in other countries. It would be like the biggest social experiment/inside job to come off the...
  20. eff ecks

    Cam Newton is maaaaaadd cocky.

    A friend of mine works at Gladys Knights Chicken in Waffles here in Atlanta and he said he saw Cam come in at like 2:30 in the morning with a group of snow bunnies. I was like , cool for him, i would be going hard like that too if i was in his shoes. Now today i just happened to go by his...
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