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  1. thumper1226

    LC on a pair of 2013 Royal 1's

    Try to see if you can get tagged and date pics from the seller
  2. thumper1226

    LC: DMP black and red 1s

    Bought this from a member here, no disrespect to the seller, I do this with all shoes
  3. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Smh I meant mullins, haha when I seen mullins I automatically thought chris mullin the from golden state warriors
  4. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Ty chris, any other input?
  5. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    I didnt realize they had so many replicas of this cw penny so a lc would be nice for peace of mind
  6. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Just bought these off a member here on NT. Just wanted to get verification on these
  7. thumper1226

    Nike Air Python to retro this fall!

    I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought a size 10 from a seller on ebay for 200. Thanks guys
  8. thumper1226

    Nike Air Python to retro this fall!

    Anybody know where I can find the red ones I'm guessing in a 10? I'm normally a size 10.5 in jordan 4s and a size 11 in the jordan 11s
  9. thumper1226

    Reverse concord 11s size 11 LEGIT CHECK and PRICE CHECK

    And if your still scratching your head tate, he means none of the purple concord color
  10. thumper1226

    L/C on Space Jams

    I'm not an expert, but it looks like gm's. High cut on the patent leathrr in the rear, and blue tinted soles. Get more opinions
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