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  1. badmoonrison

    WHO actually goes to watch WNBA games? seriously

    ??? has anyone gone to one? Do they just give the seats away to charities?
  2. badmoonrison

    So do you think State vs. Radric Davis is nice??

    For some reason this album has stayed in my rotation since it dropped. Anyone else?
  3. badmoonrison

    Anyone else really enjoy being alone? Vol. Solo Dolo

    It's starting to scare me how much I like being alone. I really look forward to the times where I get to just chief and watch my favorite shows/movies. Anyone else? Sometimes being with lots of people is just a hassle and stressful. It's a big reason why I dug Cudi so much last year... dude...
  4. badmoonrison

    Skip Bayless: I'd build my team around Michael Irvin over Jerry Rice. What do you think, NT? Here's the full tweet:
  5. badmoonrison

    NT, real talk... Indian mascots?? Yes or no?? vol. Seminoles, ********, Indians, etc...

    A good friend and I got into an argument in the car yesterday that was so heated that we missed our exit off the freeway  We were arguing about indian mascots. He is a sportswriter for our local paper who is planning on putting out a column defending the use of indian mascots. I tried to tell...
  6. badmoonrison

    What do you say to someone after an unexpected death?? vol. potential suicide

    So one of my coworkers' mother died last night... they found her in her car and they think it's a potential suicide. She rushed down there this morning. So I'm sitting on Facebook, trying to think of something to say... and before you call me impersonal, I considered calling her but I'm sure she...
  7. badmoonrison

    What athletes/coaches/sports figures have you met???

    By "met" I mean you have spoken words to them and they replied... in real life not Twitter. Larry Fitzgerald Tom Crean Lee Corso Eric Decker Tim Brewster Corey Brewer LeRoy Butler Royce White Seantrel Henderson Matt Leinart Cris Carter A few more I can't remember Been in the same...
  8. badmoonrison

    NEW LAMEBOOK.COM THREAD ... vol. 2 let's not get it locked

    According to Bastitch no profanity is allowed... so let's try this again. ^ lol'd at this one at work today 
  9. badmoonrison

    Worse betrayal: LBJ --> Miami or Favre --> Minnesota?

    I have to say Favre's betrayal is worse. - 16 seasons with the Packers - Achieved 1st, 2nd, or 3rd during that time on most major passing records - Two SB appearances, one win - Most consecutive starts at any position So right there he accomplished a lot more in GB than LeBron ever did in...
  10. badmoonrison

    So Iowa thinks they're really doing it, smh (vid of "notti boy") Cedar Rapids lol

    Best line has to be "the last thing on my mind is getting laid" not surprising Let's go, crapids... POSTED
  11. badmoonrison

    #HIGHSCHOOLCONFESSIONS ... let's hear it, NT

    - My friend used to give me his math assignment after his class so I could erase his name and put mine down and hand it in we used to be grimey about cheating. - Another time A friend stole a test from the teacher's desk the day before we took it... we looked up the answers that night and made...
  12. badmoonrison

    Just heard a radio PSA against saying "that's so gay"... what do you think, NT?

    Sittin' at work and I just heard a radio PSA discouraging the use of "that's so gay" or calling something gay when you mean it's stupid or dumb. I went to a private high school and played football, so of course the words gay, @+###, +%$#, +*$ were thrown around like candy. We really didn't think...
  13. badmoonrison

    What's the worst thing you've ever done? let's hear some guilty stories

    I really haven't done that much bad stuff, this is the worst I can think of offhand. My soph year of college I was playing co-ed intramural soccer on ourschool's field. This girl kept hacking at my ankles and being pesty, like really bad,and I was getting really pissed... so the next time I had...
  14. badmoonrison

    Post videos that look like they genuinely tried to ruin hip-hop

    Saw this one today... Jesus The worst part is that most kids watching this aren't going to get the Simpsons reference
  15. badmoonrison


    delete... YUKUUUUU!!!!!!!
  16. badmoonrison

    Camron on Popular Demand: worst feature I've heard in a long time

    give me late pass, I don't care, this is atrocious:
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