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  1. retromj17


    Ok so i have a very, very frustrating problem going on and i was wondering if any of you guys can help me out. I have an sd card for my Samsung Gravityphone from T-Mobile and im trying to put some music and pics on it. When i plug in the memory card reader with the sd card my folders show up...
  2. retromj17

    retromj17's collection....

    Ive been collecting since 4th grade but dont have the cash to show it off so heres my little collection: different angle: Let me know what you think. It aint alot but ive been on and off with jobs so yeah....
  3. retromj17

    can any body

    Can anybody make this picture bigger for me, kind of into a wallpaper: I used to have one just like it but it was bigger. I tried making it bigger myself but it gets blury, and i know u guys r experts on that. Thanks in advance for anyone who does it!!!!
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