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  1. grandaddypurp415

    Someones getting Fired haaa (pic)

    Typo?????      see it??? 
  2. grandaddypurp415

    Support my weird homie (vid)

    Im not saying that I like the video but the song is OK.  Im just supporting my friends. but my boy made the video and I guess if you beasts are into Karmaloop there is a 20% off code in the video. I thought it was entertaining.
  3. grandaddypurp415

    Vid Request (hot chicks HD)

    I remember a while ago a NTer posted a vid he recommended you watch on a HD TV with premium sound.  It was a techno song ro whatever but the video was of hella chicks looking hot and posing.  The video is tight idk about the song but I kno someone knows what im talking about cuz the thread...
  4. grandaddypurp415

    Insurance offered me 25k for my accident (advice)

    I got in a wreck on 4-26.  I already got paid 11k for my 02 acura TL s.  Ive been working on settleing without a lawyer and i have them at a second offer of 25k from 20k earlier.  i just feel like i cant get any more unless i drag this out.  i just sent an email saying make it 27 and I will...
  5. grandaddypurp415

    You Mad!!! (pic) someone on PS help tag this pic

    haa took my bully to the vet can soeone tag a you madd on this
  6. grandaddypurp415

    copeed a new whip (pics) vol. geting paid off insurance

    yo so i got in a bad wreck a month ago you all may remember the post.  anyway i got paid 11000 for my 02 ac TL type S, so i copped another TL this time an 05 tl fully loaded. wasnt in the market for a car but i financed the rest so F it.   ya im on that hype bonus pic of my pup who was in wreck
  7. grandaddypurp415

    Phone Tapped (need help)

    So I klnow this dude who got wrapped up by the feds for shipping across the lines a while ago.  He texts me every now and then to say whats up no biz, but every time he texts me a different tone comes up on my phone like it was a pic message or something.  i did not make a personal ringer for...
  8. grandaddypurp415

    Mulholland Drive (@$!)

    Can someone explain #%+ that movie is about. I watched it last night and have no clue whatsoever.  Its on Netflix Instant right now.
  9. grandaddypurp415

    Gif Request!/video/video.php?v=343985080585&ref=mf Just the first 5-6 secs  Thanks in advance.
  10. grandaddypurp415

    Windows 7

    Yo so i copped a new computer and i got to say Windows 7 is dope x PS3.  You create a homepage that anyone on the network can access and your homepage basically has all your media, so you can stream your media from your PC to PS3.  I think that tight.  Im not sure if Mac has the same thing, but...
  11. grandaddypurp415

    Pic Request (Girl wearing Jordan V's

    Does anyone have a good quality pic of that balck chick wearing nothing but jordan V laying on her stomach.  I think it was in SOLE or something but im looking for the clean pic. Thanks in advance
  12. grandaddypurp415

    I Just Chris Hanson'd Someone (pic)

    Not Pedo tracking, ID theif tracking As a gift to the OP, I will try to translate for NT. "I have been tracking an email conversation (initiated via between a friend of mine and a potential date. I could sense that the potential datewas some sort of scam artist or ID thief, so I...
  13. grandaddypurp415

    Post your pets vol. Bullys

    just copped
  14. grandaddypurp415

    My T shirt made it to a mag (pics)

    so i help run a sk8 clothing company and I finally seen some dude wearing one of our shirts in a mag . feels good to randomly run across something you helped produce out there in this world.
  15. grandaddypurp415

    Just Copped BrownSpizike Boots (pics) after a storm

    You all might hate but I copped these yesterday and today in SF it rained harder it ever has in 47 years in Oct and Il tell you, these are some dope boots.They are weatherized and fell real comfy and high quality. The colorway isnt like reg spizikes so i say these are tight Peace
  16. grandaddypurp415

    Cali Fires (help)

    So I live out here and thankfully have not been directly affected by these fires but Ive have been wondering why Cali seems to get no help from any other staesor the fed gov. Now I dont know this for a fact but I never hear about anyone else helping but ourselves. and as you all know we have lil...
  17. grandaddypurp415

    Job Opening (photoshop users)

    You guys may or may not know that I run a silkscreen business that has been picking up a lil bit. I am currently looking for someoneI can depend on every now and then to help reformat designs onto Photoshop. Basically when you make a silkscreened t shirt, every color...
  18. grandaddypurp415

    Crazy Cannibus Club (Video Link) and I live in the Bay and never heard of this place
  19. grandaddypurp415

    Commercial Property Renters/Owners (advice)

    Yo my friend just signed a lease for the business we are putting together for 3 years/$5600 month with NO personal guarantee. I just want to thank thiswebsite for their knowledge on the subject. It really pulled through. Not to mention the fact that I damn near a CPA and created the Balance...
  20. grandaddypurp415

    help finding a website

    idk if one exists but Ive been growing my hair out for a while and I was wondering if there was a site you can go to and uplaod a pic of yourself and seeyourself with different hair styles. IS there anything like that out there
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