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  1. herman18

    What is the big deal about having Nike Air on J's??

    seen this and almost flipped... seems more like a *hypebeast/noobie* question... nike signs on retros make it feel like an OG... u never know the feeling untilyou have ur own bred IV's...
  2. herman18

    flight club

    lol... its funny how many people are tryna get invites... next people are gonna be sellin invites... just so they can purchase online... *sigh* hypebeasts... lol... btw just signed up...
  3. herman18

    If you are Stockpiling J's on Credit, BEWARE!! You're Losing

    we are in a day and age were if people pend 140 on their credit card... its usually paid off before any interest is charged... if it is honestly taking you 6 years to pay off some flips at 140 retail... you should just get out of the game... no need to flame but... i use my cc for two pair of...
  4. herman18

    Pics of the Melo M4's (featuring REMOVABLE sockliners)

    i like... not coppin on release date... ill kome back a few days later and catch them on sale... nice design tho...
  5. herman18

    Batmans infra VI

    infras have clear midsole.. and also red on the shoe.. hence the name infraRED... clearly custom made
  6. herman18

    AZ NT'ers King and Duck open at the Biltmore

    went to the spot today.... specializes in dunks and courts.. good tee selection (c&c, sneaktip, 10 deep, etc) denim is commin soon.. real cool spot... good dude behind the counter...
  7. herman18

    NEW SNEAKER SPOT -- Tempe / Phoenix

    went to lifted 2day... took the last pair of black spiz'ikes... and last pair of RA V's both sz 10.. 450 for both... nice deal... other than that.. no real heat... xcept some forces... just got a new shipment of undrcrwn kix... which arent really my style... couple decent undrcrwn tees... nothin...
  8. herman18

    NEW SNEAKER SPOT -- Tempe / Phoenix

    hey demonb-ball(oscar) imma be in da spot on friday also... hope they got some heat... what itme u headed up there... if u go b4 me.. hit the celly... so i know if its worth the trip...
  9. herman18

    Visiting Phoenix - SB spots/Nike Gear spots?

    i think the last sb industrials have recieved are the vanilla ices... stick with cowtown.. best way to go...
  10. herman18


    what's the concept on the air pods and zoom air replacements where do you change them at???? in the inside of the shoe?? please let me kno
  11. herman18

    Zoom Kobe I Post - Release Dates and Pictures

    hey i was wondering if the black/yellow colorway is releasing 2/1/06 or 3/1/06?? the date says 2/1/06 but is that a typo?? cuz i thought the black/red colorway was the first release??
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