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    Any tips/tricks when booking a trip?

    You guys got any tips/tricks when booking a trip to Vegas? Any specific websites ya'll go to for some solid deals? I'm looking to book a flight + hotel to Vegas for Labor Day weekend...8o Thanks in advance
  2. 35kd

    Best prices on airplane tickets? vol. BDAY IN VEGAS

    What's good NT. First time going to Vegas in 2 weeks for my birthday! I want to fly from Seattle to Vegas on 11/29 and come back 12/02 but I'm flexible on a day or two depending on the price. So my question to you guys is, where can I find the best prices on airplane tickets for a roundtrip...
  3. 35kd

    NT I need your help! girl problems -__-

  4. 35kd

    People with speaker/audio knowledge. HELP!

    So I just got a TV and need a Blu-ray player. I also need some speakers for my room for basically listening to music through my laptop but having a speaker system for my tv would be nice. Trying to decide between the following two: A 2.1 speaker system...
  5. 35kd

    best papers???

    I've always used swishers or pieces...thinking about switching to papers since they raised the price of swishers to $2.07 around here  so what are the best rolling papers in your opinion? like the ones that stick and roll well. zig zags? raws?... don't lock this! i'm talking about rolling...
  6. 35kd

    Vancouver, Canada nightlife

    So I'm heading up to Vancouver BC this Saturday through Sunday for a friend's birthday. What are some of the best clubs or spots I should check out? I heard Granville is the street to be at though thx.
  7. 35kd

    Just got a dog. Any suggestions/tips?! NTers with pets step in plz

    Just got a puppy husky recently. Ya'll got any tips/suggestions? Like what should i use to clean up when he pisses on the carpet? Food?  any suggestions help. thanks 
  8. 35kd

    NT detectives help!!!

    my NT brethren,  can someone find out who's number this is? (323) 375-4258. All I know is that it's from the socal area. dude's been texting/calling some of my friends and talking all sorts of !!%*. I tried calling back but it goes straight to voicemail. So any info on this number would be...
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    NT help plz

    whats good i need some advice. i was super cross faded and took some theraflu medication aftr cuz i feel sick/have seasonal allergies  will there be any side effects to this? i hope i wake up in the morning feel so miserable righ now ;(
  10. 35kd

    Swizz Beats feat. Snoop Dogg & Jr. Reid - Co-Pilot

    So smooth...especially when
  11. 35kd

    NT help!! need fundraising ideas!!!

    So yeah 7 of us need to raise $525 in the next week. Any ideas/suggestions? thanks
  12. 35kd

    December birthdays FTW/FTL

    December babies ftw!...unless you're bday is super close to Christmas...then I'm sorry you get the Christmas x Birthday gift all in one combo Anyways, turned 20 today...just feeling kinda old even though I'm not that old Where my December people at?
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    How do you guys fall asleep?

    blow trees
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    50 Cent feat. Jeremih - 5 Senses

    smooth although I think this should've been a Jeremih song featuring Lloyd or someone
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    Lloyd ft. 50 Cent - Let's Get It In (prod. by Polow Da Don)

    Let's Get It In
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    so i'm in the bathroom taking a piss and I see this big %@+ spider. when i say big %@+ spider, i mean BIG %@+ SPIDER. i look around the bathroom for a tool i can use to kill it and when i look back, it's gone. i've been looking around the bathroom, the nearby closet, and my bedroom which is...
  17. 35kd

    WNBA FINALS: Seattle Storm vs. Atlanta Dream Game 3

    WE BRINGIN OUT THE BROOMS  no sonics, gotta cheer for the storm i guess
  18. 35kd

    messenger bags

    where can i get a good, solid messenger bag for college? i don't like using a backpack anymore. or any other alternative to backpacks besides messenger bags? i need a bag that can hold my laptop, some notebooks, and some folders. already checked out timbuk2 btw
  19. 35kd

    How do I transfer 12gb of files? (pics of a hot woman included)

    Noob question: One of my friends wants the Insanity workout program and I have it on my computer. How can I transfer it to his computer or how can I get it to him without having to buy a bunch of DVDs? It's 12gb btw.
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