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  1. just blazed

    New Lupe Fiasco song- American Terrorist lll

    he put it out himself, so i guess it's okay if i provide the link to d/l?
  2. just blazed

    New Harry Potter _______ on the way Vol. Mysterious 'Pottermore' website is up

    J.K. Rowling's latest trick: the mysterious website Pottermore Comments (0) (29) (5) June 16, 2011 |  1:13pm J.K. Rowling isn't writing another Harry Potter book -- is she? The mysterious website Pottermore, launched Thursday, seems to bear her signature. And the words...
  3. just blazed

    Is Moose Limited ( legit?

    i bought an UNDFTD shirt from them a couple of weeks ago, and I just noticed that the tag is inverted on the sleeve from the rest of the UNDFTD shirts that I have. I was wondering if any other NTers have dealt with them? shirt i got from MLTD: outer side of sleeve inside of the sleeve...
  4. just blazed

    Nike Huarache 2k4 out on NikeID right now. Retail price: $165

    Didn't see a thread on this, so excuse if late. Apparently, they'll be dropping on NikeID tomorrow. Definitely am not going to miss out on a chance to get some pairs, since i've never owned a pair of 2k4s  
  5. just blazed

    question for the NT music tech heads

    i downloaded a cd, and it turned out to be just 1 long song about 1 hour long. is there a way that i can split up the song, so that i have all the tracks individually instead of 1 long song?
  6. just blazed

    NTers living in college, i need your opinion on this

    I'm living in a dorm, and use the school's wireless internet. Do you guys think it is okay to download music from sites like mediafire and usershare? I'm confused because for example, when Kanye drops his G.O.O.D. Friday songs, he is giving them away for free on mediafire or usershare, so I...
  7. just blazed

    what are some good websites to buy college books from

    i'm not really trying to pay the prices at my bookstore. already bought some from amazon, but i want to know if there are cheaper, legit websites where i can get them from thanks in advance
  8. just blazed

    Who else is looking forward to Jonah Hex?

    i was planning on watching regardless of how bad it was since Megan Fox is in it, but after watching the trailer at the movies, it looks like a dope movie [/spoiler]
  9. just blazed

    Anyone know who this is? UPDATE: Pics added. Katie Savoy

    she's the type of girl that i would like to marry one day
  10. just blazed

    Has OC posted this yet? Vol. LeBron wants to be a Laker

    ........... no one wants to be stuck in Ohio/Cleveland
  11. just blazed

    Who's watching The Tonight Show w/ Leno TONIGHT? i think it's on right now for the east coast

    i don't think i'll be tuning in. Conan>Leno
  12. just blazed

    NBA question. can the video be reviewed during the game to determine who has possession?

    just saw it in the clippers-bobcats game someone on the bobcats had the ball, went for the layup, and lost it out of bounds due to some contact. then the referees stopped the game and checked the video to see who the ball belonged to the commentators were confused, and so was i, since i have not...
  13. just blazed

    Girl with too much makeup unappreciation Vol. Whoa, are you trying to look like a clown?

    i saw a couple of girl today that just OD'ed on their makeup. $#%^ was nasty i dont get why some girls feel the need to wear excessive amounts of makeup. some of them would look 100 times better w/o makeup i know ive seen some girls on here that have the same problem, so i ask you NT females...
  14. just blazed

    Get Him to the Greek trailer Vol. Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff

    didnt see this posted anywhere. i'll watch it because i find these movies to be extremely hilarious
  15. just blazed

    Who here is involved in Greek life in their college/university? Vol. Is it worth it?

    was trying to decide whether i should try and get in a fraternity at college next year ive heard some of the things you have to get in are though NTers, how do you guys like it? is it worth it?
  16. just blazed

    Which colleges have the best parties?

    this is a factor in the college that i'm going to choose, so i'd like to know which colleges have good parties? i've heard good things about U of Miami, Penn, USC, and Texas
  17. just blazed

    LOL at this cat

    i still hate cats though sorry if late
  18. just blazed

    Official game thread: Warriors vs. Lakers

    i thought there would be an existing one, but there wasnt lets go lakers
  19. just blazed

    Your thoughts on the Toyota Prius? vol. female car only?

    do you think that the prius is mostly a car meant for females? i've rarely seen a male driving a prius, mostly its been women.
  20. just blazed

    Legit Check on Purple Pigeons

    they dont come with OG box or OG laces
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