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  1. shaq diesel 34

    When getting a speeding ticket, does the cop tell you that he used radar?

    I just got a major speeding ticket.. cop said i was going 80 in a 45 (pretty sure I wasn't)... but he never showed me anything. Do they normally or have to tell you if they used a radar or not?
  2. shaq diesel 34

    When's the right time to drop the L word?

    Been talking to this chick real seriously for a while and we've been pretty much dating for a month but just made it official about 10 days ago.. I really do care about her and we're both obsessed with each other. Is it too early to drop the L word? When did you guys do it?
  3. shaq diesel 34

    What's a current movie that a Guy and a Girl will both like?

    Something that's currently in the redbox or something.
  4. shaq diesel 34

    NT, what you saving up for?

    Been working a ton, kinda wanna buy something but I don't know what.. what you guys saving your money for?
  5. shaq diesel 34

    You're at a party, and you and a girl keep making eye contact...

    What's the next move.. what should I say.. always happens to me and I never make a move?
  6. shaq diesel 34

    Recommend me some Laptop speakers.

  7. shaq diesel 34

    Recommend me some Laptop speakers

    need some good speakers for my Macbook. Whats NT using these days?
  8. shaq diesel 34

    In between Jobs... need some ways to make some money

    The U.S Census Job is over.. and I have a week or two before my next job starts.. What should I do to make a few dollars?
  9. shaq diesel 34

    DirecTV help needed

    First of all DirecTV Sucks, but we have it at our college house. I picked up an HD box and need to hook it up. Do I need to have someone install it, or can I do it myself?
  10. shaq diesel 34

    Do you wear Boxers under BoardShorts?

    Yes or no?
  11. shaq diesel 34

    Nike Pepper Low release date?

    Anyone know where and when these will be releasing?
  12. shaq diesel 34

    Where to find Cheap green sunglasses?

    Looking for cheap (under 5$) sunglasses For St Patricks day today.. something similar to this Thanks.
  13. shaq diesel 34

    Wale in concert.. what's his set list look like?

    He's coming to my school on Saturday.. always knew about him on the mixtape level.. What songs does he play?
  14. shaq diesel 34

    College heads.. where you working this summer?

    Since I've only got about 6 weeks left in the semester.. I really need to find a good summer job.. where you guys working?
  15. shaq diesel 34

    How hard is it to get into Grad School?

    In terms of GPA and what not...
  16. shaq diesel 34

    Drug Detox Drinks?

    Who has used any of them and had success? I'm gonna have to apply for a job in about a month or so, and the head shop near me has 3 or 4 different drinks for about 30 bucks each. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with these type of drinks. These are the ones that are last about 4-6...
  17. shaq diesel 34

    What's your opinion on Texas rap?

    It's been Texas All-Star day on MTV Jams. What do you think of Texas rap in general? I'm a fan, definite different sound than Southern hip hop. There's some good cats down there.
  18. shaq diesel 34

    Vince Carter already hearing BOOs in Orlando Appreciation

    Nobody likes this dude. Never have, never will.
  19. shaq diesel 34

    Recommend me a Hip Hop documentary

    Just watched the Lil Wayne documentary and I'm in the mood for some others..
  20. shaq diesel 34

    Who else is glad to start Classes again tomorrow?

    I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually glad its starting. Too much and drinking over break, and boredom. At least this will addstructure to my life. Plus, I need to redeem myself from a terrible semester. Who else is with me?
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