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  1. monopolyman630

    Question for scrabble players...

    So the word "has" is on the board, horizontally. Can a player inset the word "glee" horizontally, using the last "e" to form the word "he" vertically, connecting the two words?
  2. monopolyman630

    Best cupcakes in Los Angeles???

    So me and my g/f have become recently engaged. And for our wedding, we have decided on cupcakes versus the traditional wedding cake. So this past weekend, we went on a cupcake hunt to find the best cupcakes in LA. Any input on these places or any places you may know of would be greatly...
  3. monopolyman630

    Must Eat Places in SF? Visiting from Socal at the end of the month...

    Whats up fellas? I live in Socal and I'll be visiting SF at the end of the month. This will be my first time visiting since I was a young child, too youngto remember anything. Any suggestions on places to eat while I'm out there? Thanks in advance.
  4. monopolyman630

    California School of Culinary Arts- Pasadena, CA: Does any go there or no anyone who does?

    My g/f is trying to decide if she should attend this school. She has a love for baking but it looks like its going to cost her around $30,000 total. She'sbeen looking for reviews but can't seem to find much. Through my own research, it seems like its one of the top cooking schools in Cali. What...
  5. monopolyman630

    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    Lets see if we can get an official MMA thread going. Moonmaster3 suggested it and I think its a great idea. We can keep the thread alive with updates, thoughts, rumors, and opinions. I primarily follow UFC and Pride but discussion regarding other organizations is encouraged. -UFC -DREAM...
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