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  1. paulbaekr

    Planning a trip to NY Pics Included Vol. Photographer Summit/ Place to Stay

    Whats really good fam, well as the title reads me and my boy are planning to drive to New York this weekend. I'm aware that this post should've been posted in the Regional forum, but I thought I would get more solid answers here in the general section. Any who my boy is a photographer from LA...
  2. paulbaekr

    Eric Koston dead? Vol. Too Soon!

    Im seeing it all over my facebook feed, is this true? 
  3. paulbaekr

    Question: How do resellers buy sneakers in bulk?

    I'm referring to the those resellers who buy kicks in bulk, i.e. the Concord XI's release; I remember seeing pics of dudes buying like a full size run of them. Is there somewhere you can legitimately apply for a license as a reseller of some sort, or is  it simply based on personal connections?
  4. paulbaekr

    HELP NEEDED! In search of the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket!

    Yo wuss good fam! Well I've been fiending this jacket for a minute but didn't want drop $350 at the time. Fast forward to now; I got extra money laying around and my body is ready (Even had a dream about this darn jacket;  first world problems forreal)! But for the life of me I can't find this...
  5. paulbaekr

    Acne VOL. Weight Lifting

    Whats good fam! As the title reads, I never had issues with acne until recently. I've been lifting pretty heavy for 2 years now and outta the blue (around 2 months ago) I started to break out. The acne is oddly forming mostly around my neck (pimples that have no heads/ large lumps I can't pop)...
  6. paulbaekr

    AIR JORDAN RETRO III Stealth/Black-Carbon-White

    I guess these slipped under the radar on NT; here they are: Hot in my opinion
  7. paulbaekr

    Chemtrails Vol. Are they simply emission or cancerous?

    hey fam, ever noticed planes in the sky flying around leaving those amazing trails? Ever wonder what the purpose of those planes are? I'm no Illuminati conspiracist, but has anyone else share the possible idea of those planes emitting some sort of hazardous chemical? As I was walking my dog...
  8. paulbaekr

    LC on SJ XI's 09

    Just won these on the bay, pretty difficult even for me to tell because of the awful pictures provided. But based on the pictures he privately sent me, convinced me that they're legit, but I'm not too sure on the actual shoes. Maybe the fam could help me out.  Sorry for the large pics And...
  9. paulbaekr

    Pet Farewell Poems Vol. 2006?

    Sup fam! I remember a few years back someone posted a thread consisting of personal pet farewell poems, letters, pieces, and etc. And the problem is that I can't find it in the shallow "General" archive. I vividly remember me laughing and crying all in one thread; this thread was very powerful...
  10. paulbaekr

    Riff Raff from Gs to Gents VOL. Slim Thug?

    I present to you....
  11. paulbaekr

    Any GSU Heads?

    So I'm attending GSU this fall semester, and curious if anybody on the board is attending GSU? For those who dorm how's the living?
  12. paulbaekr

    Rev Run's Kid is doing it!

    Check this out, I found it pretty interesting.
  13. paulbaekr

    Earthquakes Strike Back! Vol. The Rapture?

    What's good fam? Well another earthquake of 6.4 hit Taiwan yesterday, and one back last week in Chile, what's your thoughts/feelings on the multitude of earthquakes shaking the world? A buddy of mine told me not to be shaken because that earthquakes come in a series every 100 years(something of...
  14. paulbaekr

    Clear 4G Super Fast Mobile Internet?

    Do you see this as the next big thing for the internet?
  15. paulbaekr

    The Game Changer: iPhone Vol.Renetto

    Your opinions NT?
  16. paulbaekr

    Rihanna, Another Illuminati Puppet VOL.LenonHonorFilms

    Since I've been seeing several Illuminati threads I would like to share as well. The following documentary was created by�a man named Lenon Honor, hehas a website�where you can watch the full documentaries about�the secret agenda behind the Illuminati;�which you can check out at...
  17. paulbaekr

    Youtube problem! Vol.Computer Savvy

    Yo fam, I've been having a problem with not being able to hear any audio coming from youtube, or any flash type of videos. I've been googling for hoursto find answers but its been no good, I even went to the help forums at Adobe and Youtube! The odd thing is audio from the computer itself is...
  18. paulbaekr

    Not for the faint of Heart! *LINK* this game is bananas!!! Enjoy fam send your feedback.
  19. paulbaekr

    What happen to...

    After seeing the thread on Henz0 it came to me whatever happen to LovetheXIV? I haven't been on NT for a few years and came back recently with the a newaccount and I remember hearing from a friend he did something outrageous.
  20. paulbaekr

    Nike Air Max Maxim 1 *Pics*

    Well here are some better pics of the Air Max Maxim One, anyone know when they release and if they are in limited quantities? I can't wait for these! Iknow everyone is bummed out due to the new material but it is considerably lighter than the AM1 but I don'tthink many of us care.
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