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  1. pusha c

    Lil Wayne made a pact with a Demon named Murmur? (very long read)

    no bull... what a ****
  2. pusha c

    Your Man Doug had Swag...

  3. pusha c

    Any NTers own a VW? vol. Dat CC is Nice vol. Car Thread 3hunna

    i just got an 07 jetta, woflsburg edition on wednesday... give me a week
  4. pusha c


    that was a good song... didn't know hit-boy could spit
  5. pusha c

    Watching American Pycho for the first time

    great movie
  6. pusha c

    Anyone have any experience with expungements? Vol. Rescinded Job Offer

    1 expungement (which is not a word but i'll rock with it ) in your entire life???? that can't be true... or can it...
  7. pusha c

    Self Made Vol. 1 compared to Diplomatic Immunity

    yall was goin haha thank you for the nostalgia, reminds me of back in the day on here
  8. pusha c

    What do you guys think about Fat Trel?

    yeah you gotta let that one go young... trel jivelike the only n' that we actually mess with from out here... his buzz in the area is CRAZY... not sure what other dude is talkin about bamma is getting shot at off the weekly so he must be doin something out here
  9. pusha c

    No I.D Presents Cocaine80s (The Pursuit EP, Ghost Lady EP, Express OG EP)

    *#@+! sounds JUST LIKE frank ocean... good music but that #%*$ annoys me...
  10. pusha c

    NT, What Beer Do You Drink?

    this treated me very well this weekend... may be my go to for this summer
  11. pusha c

    GOING TO VEGAS IN A WEEK VOL: Help me with my experience...

    i'll be in vegas fri-sun... what are the moves?!
  12. pusha c

    **CHIEF KEEF**

    yeah, i was talkin about glizzy...
  13. pusha c

    **CHIEF KEEF**

    word is dude is already with BOA on the humble... blame street money
  14. pusha c

    **CHIEF KEEF**

    AND apparently it's an all ages show... all bad
  15. pusha c

    It must be 2003 again.... cuz this here straight from

    i just kept thinking about 1-900 hustler throughout the whole song... cam did jive murder it though
  16. pusha c

    Phoenix (The French Band) Appreciation

    thank you sooooooooooooooo much for reminding me about them
  17. pusha c

    For those who listened, opinions on Fat Trel?

    its cause trel wouldn't GIVE HIM a verse... same with his beef with chief keef apparently...
  18. pusha c

    Best Produced album of the last...10 years (Hip-Hop)

    we fight/we love >>>>>>>>>> everything in this thread so far
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