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  1. eff ecks

    Caribana 2k16 vol. Anyone going?

    I'm looking to go to Caribana this year. It'll be my first time in Canada. What are the average weekend ticket costs for those that have gone before? I looked at the website but they haven't released prices yet.
  2. eff ecks

    You Got any Random Advice?

    a man with nothing saved is a sad man.... don't spend time doing things that don't make you happy listen to people. Don't take the people around you most for granted (meaning we tend to be "annoyed" by people close to us but put on a show for strangers). Don't forget who really has your back...
  3. eff ecks

    What you doing on the weekend (Doesn't revolve around Drugs & Alcohol)

    Yo Im going to Boston in a few weeks for the first time. Any suggestions on things to do and possible good areas to stay in where I can catch public transit?
  4. eff ecks

    What you doing on the weekend (Doesn't revolve around Drugs & Alcohol)

    I came to Jamaica for the weekend. This is my first time out of the country. Wish me luck.
  5. eff ecks

    Bachelor Pad.

  6. eff ecks

    PYSC (Post Your Snap Chat)

  7. eff ecks

    PYP Then and Now......

    Merry Xmas to you too Shorty You get any lit gifts?
  8. eff ecks

    Merry Christmas NT!

    Merry Christmas. Is this gonna turn into a "what did you get" thread?
  9. eff ecks

    NT you've never failed me.

    gemstones for da yute...
  10. eff ecks

    PYP Then and Now......

    bruh Look like he Went From Jamal Lyon to Lucious Lyon
  11. eff ecks

    Got hired at bmw, job title is different tho. help? UPDATE. WE GOOD!

    My cousin started as a porter for RBM Mercedes-Benz a few years ago and now he's the service manager. There's definitely room for growth, but you gotta put in the work and make it be know that you wanna grown within the company. A porter job really isn't that bad. Lots of down time and you can...
  12. eff ecks


    bro you in ATL?
  13. eff ecks

    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    link up 8o
  14. eff ecks

    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    I might shoot down to Art Basel since my bday is that week.
  15. eff ecks

    Your excuse for leaving work to get interviewed for another job

    Your house got broken into/home alarm is going off.
  16. eff ecks

    the thread about nothing...

    Crazy how time flies. I don't come by NT as often as I used to but I def remember your SN as well as a few others. Shout out class of 07 lol
  17. eff ecks

    Is taking it slow a turn off for some females? Need help NT

    Just chill for now. Don't overlook how much stuff she has going on in her life. One of the reasons she probably likes you for is that she has a chill time with you, unlike the other guys around her. So don't blow your advantage by sweatin her. Just wait for the next good opportunity to pop up...
  18. eff ecks


    Don't do it fam. Have some integrity. Im speaking from experience. Be better than that.
  19. eff ecks

    NTATL Nike talk ATL

    Haven't been on NT in a while, especially the regional forum. Waddup ATL heads. Hennypalooza sounds intriguing tho
  20. eff ecks

    Ryan Gosling impregnanted Eva Mendes

    this got a cheap laugh outta me
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