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  1. triplexl vol 2

    I'm probably going Hell

    I don't know why but something in me wants to see this guy fall For those not in the know Nik Wallenda walk over niagara falls right now Live Stream
  2. triplexl vol 2

    Think I just became a Miami Dolphins fan "Maybe"

  3. triplexl vol 2

    Is there a better song to start your weekend?

    Post some of your fav songs to get your friday/weekend started. I have to go with this , about to get the car cleaned and ride out.
  4. triplexl vol 2

    Help dealing with irresponsible dog owner

    NT I need your help dealing with someones dog constantly @%!%%%+! on my lawn, this isn't like a one time thing. Since the snow has stopped I've noticed this becoming a problem. Though I'd love to, I don't have time to stake out and catch this person. So I'm looking for a quick natural dog...
  5. triplexl vol 2

    Damn didn't know Snapbacks were this serious

    What is this Snapback-check cargo/camo shorts-check vans-check About to be right for the summer
  6. triplexl vol 2

    Why do people act like this track doesn't exist

    I know some people don't like it because they took shots a 2pac and some say Wu. But ya'll can't act like everyone didn't come proper on this track. Lauren and Rah Forte at the end
  7. triplexl vol 2

    You ain't English....Stay classy

    My bad if posted already Homie in the back was ready to smack the fire out of her I don't know why some people have such a problem with immigrants, especially considering how much "The British" raped Africa and other places
  8. triplexl vol 2

    Paypal Killer Vol: Payment as gift, we off that

    Finally something that won't take a huge percentage of your money when sending/receiving payments There's a tiny 12-person startup churning out of Des Moines, Iowa...
  9. triplexl vol 2

    Damn Cray!

    $%*+ sounding like MW3 out there
  10. triplexl vol 2

    Nt recommend me a new router

    So the router I have been using for the past 5-6 years, has finally died on me (D-Link WBR-2310). Looking for something faster with better range under $100 if possible. My network consits of one cpu, 2 laptops, 2 gaming consoles (usually wired though), media center and sometimes tablets/cell...
  11. triplexl vol 2

    NT geek squad help...I dun goofed

    I seem to have to downloaded some sort of virus today. It is making it unable for me to run anti-virus software and other such programs hijackthis ect. I am running combofix and it has detected "Rootkit.ZeroAccess an tcp/ip virus" as the root of the problem. Can anyone help me try and clean my...
  12. triplexl vol 2

    Damn scary.

    Crazy story, makes you think how well you really know some of your friends/associates.
  13. triplexl vol 2

    13 sports cars valued at $2 million impounded after highway race

    All drivers under 21 I need to re-evaluate my life
  14. triplexl vol 2

    Syrian Ministry of Defense's website taken over by Anonymous -Wait for the page to completely load
  15. triplexl vol 2

    God damn!!, backyard's bangin like a Benzy

    Don't get much better then this   Happy Saturday NT
  16. triplexl vol 2

    Traffic Jam?? No problem

  17. triplexl vol 2

    NT, this is why you never talk to the Police

    So I came across these videos from a lawyer and police officer both explaining why no one innocent or guilty should talk to the police. So NT what do you think?
  18. triplexl vol 2

    Pole fitness for Jesus

    The reporter The Lord is my shepherd. He know what I want!
  19. triplexl vol 2

    NT Geek Squad....Need your help

    My laptop has stopped booting up properly as of today. It's running Windows Vista, it keeps running Start-up Repair continuously. I cant get into safe mode, or access the boot log. I have yet to try a system restore to a previous date as it is on limited access.Normally I wouldn't really...
  20. triplexl vol 2

    Prof posted final online Vol: NT what would you do?

    So I have my Spreadsheet Data Management final today at 8:00am. Was doing a little reviewing, when I go to the on-line class section and see that the Prof has the final exam already posted. It's down-loadable with instructions and all. Should I download it and check out whats on it, or let it...
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