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    Shooting at DC Navy Yard - 12 Dead

    Let me tell you how shook I am. I worked in building 197 up until about a month ago. I fit the description of the suspect almost to a T. Between that and the potential of someone I knew getting hurt...I'm all kinds of stressed.
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    Most Overrated "Legend" In Music.

    I can respect you as a person and we might even be friends...but I'll never respect the music opinion of anyone who says BIG is overrated.
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    Cross Country Road Trip (SF, LA, LV, CHI, and all points in between...please contribute)

    ^I'm so geeked.  I was only supposed to go to Vegas for the UFC fight but when everything started going on I decided that it was time to do one of the things I've always wanted to do. I can't wait.
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    Cross Country Road Trip (SF, LA, LV, CHI, and all points in between...please contribute)

    With a lot of recent deaths of people I know, I have been on a "Do it now" kick.  One of those things was a cross country road trip.  Here is my itinerary: Thursday Arrive in SF 9:30am Friday Drive PCH to LA Saturday Drive LA to Vegas for UFC 148 Sunday Vegas possibly Grand Canyon Monday...
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    Should Justin Combs (Puffy's son) give up his scholarship?

    Whether he needs or not doesn't matter.  Need based scholarships and merit based (academic, athletic, etc) scholarships are funded differently, from different allotments.  So even if he gave his merit based scholarship back, it wouldn't go to someone who needs it necessarily.  It would just go...
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    Gridiron Gang vs Varsity Blues vs Friday Night Lights vs Remember the Titans

    I actually got a healthy (Lance Harbor starting over Mox) West Canaan team upsetting Permian.  They seem like the faster team and they have a solid O-line with Billy Bob.  Although based on the movie, you wouldn't even know they had a that's a question mark. Most teams would be...
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    the thread about nothing...

    Yes or no...Would you have sex with a chick who didn't have a nose?
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    HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 2 Official Thread *Ep. 10* "Valar Morghulis" 6/03 @9pm ET/PT

    I'm not an active participant in this thread, but IMO there is too much focus put on the book in this thread. No one's dropping any major spoilers but saying things like "this is an important character in the book" is sort of hinting. I'd just as soon not come in here than tell you guys how to...
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    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    This. Also, what's the availability in NY been like?  Are they relatively available or one of those things you gotta be smarter than the average bear to get?  I'm going to be in NYC this Friday at around 4 and was wondering if I should even waste my time trying to find one. Is Niketown the...
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    Like Father, Like Son > Watch The Throne

    What planet are some of you from? It's an album with Birdman. Mother-@+##!!% Birdman?! Perhaps the worst "rapper" of this generation. Even if the album was more fun to listen to, to say it's a greater piece of work is despicable. If we're going off albums having "bangers" as a scale by...
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    The 25 most Overrated things in hip hop history

    4 tracks out of 24 is filler now? I consider Playa Hater more of an interlude than anything. The dude sang the entire song for crying out loud. %%@+!$% You Tonight is a classic song. It still gets burn on radio, so no. +!*$@+ love that song.
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    The 25 most Overrated things in hip hop history

    I'm convinced a lot of you would call your own grandmothers "wack" and "overrated".
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    Wilt's 100 vs. Kobe's 81. Discuss

    Where'd I say nothing else mattered.  I clearly wrote "against NBA level competition".
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    Official iPad 3 Event Thread (new Apple TV too?)

    qft There should be no legit complaints about this device.  All I see is nitpicking by people who wouldn't be impressed unless this device reincarnated the dead or had sex with them.  Just be happy you live in a time where stuff like this is even possible.   
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    Wilt's 100 vs. Kobe's 81. Discuss

    I'm going to go back to the the simple fact that NO ONE SAW WILT'S GAME!!! He could've been hitting the Dream Shake and shooting fallaway jumpers for all we know. What we do know is dude scored 100 points in a game with NBA level competition. I mean what's next...Kobe's 5 championships > Bill...
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    Moving to Philadelphia, any help/tips/suggestions anyone?

    Notice that the people who have bad things to say about Philly are New Yorkers. If history serves us, they hate everything outside of the tri-state so I'd take their opinions with a grain of salt. At the same time, there is some hometown bias in here too, so you take that for what it's worth...
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    [:NBA ALL-STAR Weekend Thread - NT's Post Game Debate: "Why Didn't Rose Dance?" (PG. 115+):]

    Here's an idea to improve the dunk contest: Invite all the big players (James, Wade, Griffin, etc) to sit in the crowd and watch but require them to wear athletic apparel. Have the dunk contest as usual with the 4 or so competitors. But after the competition itself, allow the players who are in...
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