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  1. prokid404

    NT what's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

    It's that season and I'm trying to s&@! my pants. What movies scare you?
  2. prokid404

    Bored at work... What websites do you go to?

    Slow day in the office.. I need some entertainment. I remember someone suggesting once.. What else is there?
  3. prokid404

    NT put me on Little Dragon

    Been hearing the name floating around for a while. What are some Songs/Albums I should check out?
  4. prokid404

    NT.. Name my puppy!!

    He's a 7 week old pitbull. I've had him for too long without giving him a name...
  5. prokid404

    NikeTalk... What are you reading??

    I'm just looking for some good books to read. I need some suggestions.. I'm open to anything really
  6. prokid404

    NT.... How do you get rid of a Hangover??

    What are some of your remedies?
  7. prokid404

    if Patrick was real...

  8. prokid404

    Has anyone here used Chegg?

    Does anyone recommend it?
  9. prokid404

    Gif Request. Gif makers hook me up!

    From 2:19 to about 2:21 Where dude is shaking his head. Could come in handy one day. Much appreciated
  10. prokid404

    GIF request

    I'm looking for the one when Dave Chappelle is Dylan from making the band. if you can help me out, i'd appreciate it.
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