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  1. sheistbugz


    @bgenyc I'll follow nt back, just started using again
  2. sheistbugz

    the thread about nothing...

    Anybody know good spots to hit up round Providence or Boston? Regional forums are dead, looking for some locals to hit me up
  3. sheistbugz

    NTers in Connecticut

    What are some good spots around there?
  4. sheistbugz

    Any NTers around Hartford CT, Providence RI, Boston MA

    Looking for some NTers around Hartford CT,, Providence RI, Boston MA or around there. Im here for a few days looking for some good spots to go and stuff
  5. sheistbugz

    NTers in Mass

    Hey is anybody around Boston or Providence? Im in the area looking for some good spots and stuff
  6. sheistbugz

    Need help finding someone to go on an all paid Cuba/Mexico cruise 9/26

    I think it's weird to go with some random also But he's talking about maybe going with some super thot, so he'd be better off going with randoms i feel idk
  7. sheistbugz

    Need help finding someone to go on an all paid Cuba/Mexico cruise 9/26

    lol aint no love for 12 over here, I'm on the opposite side from him but he's fam first.. But he'll probably just go with some homies or somethin, but I always heard of this type of thing online and I'm too lazy to do anything more than type on here. Gonna try that misstravel site and see how...
  8. sheistbugz

    Need help finding someone to go on an all paid Cuba/Mexico cruise 9/26

    I cant go myself or i would, figured id see what i can find for him. He is busy working to date around finding a new girl on short notice Ive heard of similar stories before and figured i would see whats up...
  9. sheistbugz

    Need help finding someone to go on an all paid Cuba/Mexico cruise 9/26

    Haven't been on here in a while, but figured it'd be a good place to help me out. TLDR: -Friend has all paid Royal Carribean Cuba & Mexico cruise from 9/26-10/1 -Broke up with girlfriend who was supposed to go -So now I'm trying to find a girl that he'd like to go with, they would only need to...
  10. sheistbugz

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    :x Sounds like something from an SNL skit or something
  11. sheistbugz

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    Yea, but that doesn't mean the other 86,999 all passed the screening. According to articles, many refused to take the test, and lost their benefits immediatley. And as you pointed out, this quote from end of 2nd article shows you 'alternative facts' in the cut: "And while 87,000 people have...
  12. sheistbugz

    Someone Blow My Mind Vol. Illuminati, 2012, Aliens, Life

    Using basic science and a yardstick, in certain locations you can do a simple experiment to measure the actual curvature of the earth as well as see it yourself. Created by Eratosthenes if you wanna look it up.
  13. sheistbugz

    ✩ The Official Drake ✡ Thread - Certified Lover Boy Jan 2021

    I think thats for Jayz, since he dropped 'Shining' with Khaled dissing Drake at the end. They've had a little beef since Drake said he 'turned into Jay' on 'Summer Sixteen"
  14. sheistbugz

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Blessing in disguise - Rick Ross (too lazy to embed)
  15. sheistbugz

    ✩ The Official Drake ✡ Thread - Certified Lover Boy Jan 2021

    get no sick days, leave for like 3 months and six days :smokin:smokin do not disturb, sacrifices, Portland, and Jorga interlude are the only songs I saved Is it just me or is thugga trying to sound like chance on ice melts?
  16. sheistbugz

    the thread about nothing...

    who else feel like you can't really trust someone if they don't let you use their phone..
  17. sheistbugz

    2017 Tax Season and Return Thread Vol. Tax Podcast Mixed In?

    What would you guys recommend someone do who hasn't filed taxes in about 5 years?? -has worked multiple jobs in multiple different states, can't contact all employers for appropriate forms -gains and losses with stocks (capital gains) -has been full time student at university intermittently...
  18. sheistbugz

    the thread about nothing...

    ^^my advice would be try to engage in conversation with strangers as often as possible, such as cashiers, servers and similar. Start off with simple "hows your day going", then maybe ask relevant questions 'been busy today' etc. mostly to other guys as that should be easy. Then just do same...
  19. sheistbugz

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    I think the problem with healthcare in US is being looked at all wrong In the US, the cost of most healthcare services is usually many many times more expensive than comparable countries. In countries with the best national healthcare systems such as France, Italy, etc. the costs of...
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