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  1. mainevent213


    Why are they stuck on 1200 like thats supposed to help ? Especially after dragging it this long
  2. mainevent213

    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    i think the mustard plates look better on darker cars
  3. mainevent213


    Sneaker scene ? Its just whoever has the best bot
  4. mainevent213

    Is everyone mail taking forever now? USPS changed alot

    Mail in ? im going to my polling place down the block
  5. mainevent213

    Is everyone mail taking forever now? USPS changed alot

    Funny how mail never had an issue until the talk about voting by mail
  6. mainevent213

    Hide Ya Wives, Hide Ya Kids: Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic!

    anybody book any dollar tree flights yet ?
  7. mainevent213

    Air Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 (New beginning) “ Reverse Bred”

    Since no one here is going to wear them S
  8. mainevent213

    Air Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 (New beginning) “ Reverse Bred”

    Soooo no one is going to wear them ? I haven't seen a single on foot photo
  9. mainevent213

    Where is the Dub Zero thread for 2020 ??????

    notice how we all wanted these in high school... when we were young & dumb.. hood classic for sure
  10. mainevent213

    Why is Popeyes so slow

    i dont eat meat anymore but i'd rather wait for my stuff to be made properly rather than a 30 second turn around...
  11. mainevent213

    CYBER MONDAY 2018! Official Thread!

    Thanks just got this
  12. mainevent213


    Easy cop on yeezysupply... thank God for overnight shifts
  13. mainevent213

    2018 Air Jordan 1 High OG Shadow

    Anyone else's pair smell horrible ?
  14. mainevent213

    Nike x OFF-WHITE Collection Thread - “The 20” Collection

    Sivas with the pump fake smh
  15. mainevent213

    Official Air Max 97 Thread

    Let’s Gooo
  16. mainevent213

    Jordan Retro 1 OG Royal returns April 1 2017

    Finally reserved at Nike Roosevelt Field 
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