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  1. senorroboto2k5

    Ray Allen's "Ring Ceremony" Air Jordan XI

    From shootaround, we'll probably be seeing these tonight.
  2. senorroboto2k5

    Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran "Old School Love" - 1st single from Tetsuo & Youth

    Pretty dope song... has Lupe found the right lane?
  3. senorroboto2k5

    John Legend "Love in the Future" - ALBUM STREAM on Amazon. Good music

    You got all the trash going on at stuff like the VMAs, and you have guys like John Legend who focus on making good music. Executive produced by John Legend, Kanye West & Dave Tozer, the same three who EP'd his first two albums.
  4. senorroboto2k5

    "Burning Love" - parody dating reality show | starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott, Michael Cera, Adam Br

    This show is absolutely hilarious. It's a spoof of the Bachelor-style dating reality shows with a lot of funny people you'll probably recognize. Genius level writing The show airs in 10+ minute segments on Yahoo! on it's second season The first season of the show has been airing as full...
  5. senorroboto2k5

    Destiny's Child - Nuclear [Produced by the Neptunes]

    from their greatest hits thing.
  6. senorroboto2k5

    Fantasy Basketball question: how does a keeper draft work?

    Mods move to general if appropriate. Last year I set up a keeper league. Since it was the first year, it went about like a regular league. Now it's time to set it up for the next year. On Yahoo they provide no details on how it works, so I figure I'd ask here. Managers can select the players...
  7. senorroboto2k5

    John Legend - "Love In the Future" (2012) | preview of first single "Caught Up" prod by Hit-Boy & wr

    Preview of the song "Caught Up" on his official site: Produced by Hit-Boy and written with Kanye The album is co-executive produced by John Legend, Kanye West, and Dave Tozer - the same team behind "Get Lifted" and "Once Again" Sounds like it will be out around...
  8. senorroboto2k5

    Justin Timberlake is working on a new album with Timbaland & Jim Beanz

    I know this is basically the FS/LS forum so a lot of you will be happy with this news.
  9. senorroboto2k5

    Foamposite One - Eggplant - Size 10 - OG 2009 release - VNDS *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    SIZE 10. Worn about 7 times. The Foamposite upper, eyestay, laces are in perfect condition. The sole shows slight age, but is still clear. The black tread on the sole is worn on the very very back edge (see pics). Comes with the original box. $170 SHIPPED. PAYMENT: Paypal, confirmed addresses...
  10. senorroboto2k5

    Jordan XII white/red "cherry" - OG 1997 release - VNDS - Size 10.5

    SIZE 10.5 Worn about 3-5x. Minor creasing on the toe and ankle areas. Leather is in great condition. Sole is in near-perfect condition except for some slight dirt on the white areas. No graphic on the insole. NO ORIGINAL BOX, but one will be provided. Feel free to request any pictures...
  11. senorroboto2k5

    Kobe VI 3D All-Star "Hollywood" - VNDS - Size 10 *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    SIZE 10. Worn about 5x. Scuff on the back left heel cup. Comes with original box, tissue. $150 SHIPPED. Feel free to request any pictures. PAYMENT: Paypal, confirmed addresses ONLY SHIPMENT: USPS Priority w/ Delivery Confirmation; DOUBLE-BOXED REFERENCES: dson508 (Foamposite Pro Dr. Dooms)...
  12. senorroboto2k5

    eBay - local pickups. Has anyone done this?

    Has anyone done this? If so what precautions do you take? The auction I'm watching would require me to Paypal the payment and then meet. Would sending him an e-mail saying "agree to this time/location or refund" be enough to protect me through eBay/Paypal or is it a bad idea? (Does eBay buyer...
  13. senorroboto2k5

    SHIPPING SHOES - can someone tell me how to properly do it?

    I'm looking to sell some shoes on eBay/Craigslist for the first time, and I need some tips, mainly on shipping. - Best way to box or pack the shoes? - What service to choose? How much to charge for it? Also, what's better between eBay and Craigslist? I'm not looking to meet up with people. Is...
  14. senorroboto2k5

    Sports Conspiracy Theories

    Given the recent events of this past weekend, I've been thinking a lot about the different conspiracy theories in sports. Some of this stuff is just mindless blabber, but I'm one of those guys who's passively interested in these shady, behind-the-scenes stories that shape sports history. Not in...
  15. senorroboto2k5

    The old Aries Spears Snoop/DMX/Jay-Z/LL Cool J rap impersonation - Anyone know the beat?

    I think most of us have seen this (funny reminder if you haven't seen it in a while)... but I really want to ID the beat here
  16. senorroboto2k5

    The Blake Griffin discussion: is he unlikeable? Or do players just envy him?

    Players are getting into it with Blake Griffin almost every game. Are players jawing with him because he's trying to embarrass them on Sportscenter, or do they genuinely not like him? Note that players don't jaw with him just when he's going up for a dunk and/or staring someone down. They get...
  17. senorroboto2k5

    Boyz II Men's NEW album "Twenty"

    Came out yesterday. Worth checking out! Disc one is a 12-track album of new songs, and the second disc are updated classics like "End of the Road" to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the industry. This is quality music. Not sure how I would rank it compared to their older stuff (before the...
  18. senorroboto2k5

    Person of Interest | Produced by JJ Abrams | CBS Thursdays @ 9PM

    I didn't see a thread for this show, but it's really good and something I think the majority of NT would like. Plot: A mysterious billionaire holds access to a mysterious machine - one that he built for the CIA to predict potential terrorist threats - and uses it to predict premeditated crimes...
  19. senorroboto2k5

    Is the era of the 50-60+ point scorers over in the NBA?

    Seeing Gilbert Arenas move on from the Wizards had me thinking - there aren't any me-first scorers in the NBA anymore. Is there anyone left that would "consistently" drop 50 and 60 point games in the NBA? I'm not saying one 55+ game isn't possible. Kobe, Lebron, and a bunch of others still have...
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