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    This is a top 5 'Ye Feature.

    Maybe even top 3. And the beat was stupid.
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    Came across this earlier. [/spoiler] Take a look at the rest:
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    I think I know, but I just want to be sure. 
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    Aye, I'm 22 years old and yet...

    This is STILL in my Top 10 (maybe 5) movies of all time.  +  +  +  +  + +  +  +  Discuss.
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    NT, What are some dope international blogs that have content on Sneakers, Hip-Hop, Fashion and other urban content? Been meaning to expand from my usual domestic sites and I know we have a diverse community on here. 
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    Mods Lock Please.

    THANK YOU  I only needed like 5-10 responses.
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    "@#@%$ I'm goin' to Japan tomorrow..." "...Can you believe that?"
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    TiRon & Half Amazin' | MSTRD.5 [Stream/Download link Inside]

    Sup NT? TiRon dropped the acapellas to MSTRD a couple days ago and I decided to a jab at the album. Hope you enjoy it. STREAM HERE: HERE: Thanks for your time.
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    GTDS Presents | The Top 15 Mixtapes of 2009

    Did this list for my Blog, but I wanted to hear some you guys' input... 15. Big Sean | UKnowBigSean [Release: April]
  11. hypebeast mcstreetwear

    American Gangster > BP3

    I don't think anyone's gonna disagree here. So...
  12. hypebeast mcstreetwear

    ||| So...We Just Gonna Act Like Snoop Just Aint Drop A "Banger"? |||

    Heard this earlier in the car and started Harlem Shaking like the lil kid in the Fab "Young'n" video. Diplo samples FTW.
  13. hypebeast mcstreetwear

    Photoshop Experts ENTER please

    Does anyone know where I can find a filter for Photoshop that can get a picture to like this? (Or at least recreate it?) More specifically, like a TV line/feedback filter. I've tried Deviant Art and whatnot but I can't find anything that could help. Appreciate the effort.
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    [| - "No Matter What Yall Say N' Do, We Gotta Get this Mo-Ney..." Robert Kelly x Nasir Jones- |]

    One of those joints that you run back over and over cause you stumble on it maybe once or twice a year " AMERICA!-CA!-CA! "
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    Mook & Fair (Featuring Webstar) "Who's Your Daddy" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Vol. CT's on?

    <object width="448" height="374"><param name="movie"value=""><param name="allowFullScreen"value="true"></param><embed...
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    -- 16yr Old Claims He Is No Longer Gay After Getting An Exorcism --

    On some G, I aint post this 'cause of the exorcism. 1. That _ 16 with a middle-aged beard? (Screenshot & after 10 minute mark) 2. How the pastor got two gaps? (14 minute mark +) Go in... EDIT: Refer to edit TIM.
  17. hypebeast mcstreetwear

    ||| - The Official Wiz Khalifa Thread [Cabin Fever Out Now] // Rolling Papers out March 29th - |||

    (Artwork) WIZ KHALIFA - B.A.R [MIXTAPE] (fixed link) Wiz Khalifa | Cabin Fever  "� ...NEXT TO SOMEONE'S DAUGHTER WHO I'LL PROLLY NEVER MEET AGAIN!" Top 10 ten mixtape tracks of the year and PERSONALLY one of my favorite beats of the year. BTW...
  18. hypebeast mcstreetwear

    [| Official Funny Mixtape/Album Skit Post Vol. $100 |]

    Download Mixtape | Provided by Listen to Track 10 then Track 17 Post your favorite ones.
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