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  1. joe billionaire

    Anyone use mercari > ebay

    Yes ebay has a bigger base and your items might sell for a bit more but the fees mixed with PayPal fees takes a good piece of your profit, Mercari only charges 10% no fees at the end of the month or Hidden stuff. To receive your payment you must receive feedback. You can then direct deposit...
  2. joe billionaire

    Anyone go to rehab for 30 days

    Might have to go in Xanax lots of trees plus mixing it all with heavy drinking cigs and hardly eating I've been doing going hard a long time's not a problem where I'm broke or robbing and stealing but it's a problem and I can't stop Not sure if it will be worth going in my head...
  3. joe billionaire

    palo azul...does it work?

    getting a little promotion more pay more they going to drug test me...i haven't been guaranteed the job yet they told me by the end of the week...i have been a daily chron smoker for a long time already it doesnt stop me from working or being punctual, i just want more pay...
  4. joe billionaire

    ebay promotion list and SELL 1 item free

    supposedly invite only... it starts the 10th through the 16th has to made by ebay mobile application and there will be no listing fee and no selling fee obviously the biggest fee of them all im about to end my listing for galaxy note and restart it
  5. joe billionaire

    Apple 2012 keynote : live blog link pg 1

    curious about the iphone, heard new laptops with retina too
  6. joe billionaire

    anyone still play black ops

    just bought the game again, plays better than mw3 imo, less crap to deal with 
  7. joe billionaire

    sniper manhunt on chicago skyway

    seen this getting posted on my fb from my chi fam  http://www.chicagotribune...y-20120509,0,64267.story damn @ those "mugs in the news" 
  8. joe billionaire

    got hacked on xbl smh...watchout

    so i played skyrim earlier... never look on xbox online the the browser or anything  got an email saying my email changed and 2 seconds later 6000 points and 4000 points charged to my paypal smh
  9. joe billionaire

    no meat may?

    pause eat no red meat in the month of may...instead of all these no fap months anyone down? been wanting to cut out meat but it is probably hard so will try a month first
  10. joe billionaire

    Official: Street Fighter x Tekken vol whos your team

    videos making this game look really nice, not sure if i can give capcom more of my money after the stuff they pulled with mvc3, but yeah it looks like ssf4 battle system and i liked it, you guys gonna cop? 
  11. joe billionaire

    ever fell for a lesbian chick? vol. chasing amy

    worth the trouble or not?
  12. joe billionaire

    anyone watch storage wars? new season tonight

    shows  to me barry has to have cake he be strolling up to the storage auctions in a different car every show and buys stuff and leaves the trash and only takes 1 item  i heard darrel is a phoney tho half the stuff he finds he plants it there, like when he found all that silver his son pulled it...
  13. joe billionaire

    robin from how i met your mother appreciation

    no mass but shes  
  14. joe billionaire

    nt sup with this refreshing issue or is it just me

    everytime i refresh a thread i get sent back to instead of remaining in the same thread or general  anyone else? im using chrome btw 
  15. joe billionaire

    when your parents can no longer take care for themselves what your plan?

    i ask this question because its going to happen, may not be soon but it will...when I was 13 we moved from chicago to houston to help my moms brother take care of my grandmother because they could no longer do it...its now 2011 and life for my mother has been the same thing everyday since 2001...
  16. joe billionaire


  17. joe billionaire

    1 post per 60 seconds unappreciation

    im not trying to be a post hussy but its a pain...what about 30 seconds  sometimes i go thread to thread and then i get derailed when i wanna post cause it says i gotta wait ...i end up not even posting when that happens 
  18. joe billionaire

    do you got a favorite canned food?

    i just ate some...i add a lil extra water to make it more saucy
  19. joe billionaire

    showtime, skinamax, stars free for 24 months @ comcast depends on your area... go down to where it says enter your social and start a chat...i think the site is getting mobbed as ive been waiting 5 or 10 minutes  but a lot of people saying it works! 
  20. joe billionaire

    unlimited wings/frys/rings/wedges/drinks @ b-dubs

    $9.99 11am-2pm mon-fry for those with one near and can throw down  
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