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  1. rawjs

    Happy 30th Birthday To The Original OG of Team Raw.... Raw120

    Let's wish this old fool a happy birthday and show this pioneer in the "raw" ways some NT love.
  2. rawjs

    Getting a new cell phone, need suggestions

    I am up for my upgrade with AT&T.  The obvious answer is a 4s, but I keep hearing I should consider one of their phones that runs on 4g.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank You.
  3. rawjs

    Xbox or PS3...Free $10 Paypal to NT Member

    I am looking into getting a new system.  I am looking for the following criteria: 1.) Reliability of the system 2.) The better system for Sports Games 3.) Better online play Also, for you ladies & gents taking your time and giving your input, I am going to raffle $10.00 to a random poster.  I...
  4. rawjs

    Job-Related Question... Need Your Input

    So I have only been at my job for about a month now.  When I accepted the position a month ago, I was told that I would be salaried, and that I would need to keep this quiet from my co-workers as my boss was planning on me running the division.  He told me to just go in there and learn as much...
  5. rawjs

    Just a heads up, and sorry if late, but Best Buy is offering a $50 GC with purchase of PS3....

    It's for the 160gb version.  I called the one by me (Hollywood, FL), and they said the offer stands till this Saturday.  Wanted to spread the word.  
  6. rawjs

    HBD to fellow "Team Raw" member, RAW120

    HBD good sir.  Hope you get that cake while you get that cake today.
  7. rawjs

    Is there another website and/or forum you guys use for fitness/health tips?

    I always get good feedback from you guys, but wanted to know if there were any other sites you guys go to for health and/or workout tips?
  8. rawjs

    NT... Which site and/or store do you use to get the best deals on electronics? *Bonus Pic Enclosed*

    Looking to pick-up a PS3 and a new television... Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I have attached a pic for your troubles.  Thanks.
  9. rawjs

    What is up with some of these Craigslist ads?

    Actor or model for short piece (Miami)"I want to shoot today or tomorrow, shooting will take about a half hour This will be an easy piece to add to your reel No pay You'll be in your underwear, in an industrial setting, tied to a chair with your mouth ducktaped. You'll have something sharp...
  10. rawjs

    Honey I'm Home From Vegas. A married guy's reentry home.

    A little long, but
  11. rawjs

    Bad News For Brees... (Madden '11)

    Just heard on Sportscenter that he is on the cover for Madden '11.  Sorry if late
  12. rawjs

    1992 NFC Championship Game, Dallas vs. SF, on NFL NETWORK NOW (8:00 pm)

    Watching this game is like watching two pro bowl teams go at it... Use to be a huge Jay Novacek fan back in the day... This game should have been the Superbowl that year. :Aikman, Emmit, Irvin, Moose, Novacek, The Entire O-Line, Alvin Harper, L.Lett, R. Maryland...Young,  Rice, Rathman, M...
  13. rawjs

    Jack &@@ Appreciation Post

    After watching the videos of Remi, the French Prankster, I wanted to salute the guys of #+#$%++. In a sick twisted way, I think these guys are geniuses.  Here is a clip of their best moments from their second movie.
  14. rawjs

    Rap Battle Gone Wrong... Oh You Gon Hit Me Right?
  15. rawjs

    Anyone here have their dog pass away and just feel like everything sucks?

    We just lost our 3rd family dog, and I pretty much grew up with this dog. I know they get old and you expect them to go, but nothing ever actually preparesyou for the moment. I feel pretty sick to my stomach now. Need some NT laughs to get my mind off it.
  16. rawjs

    Food For Thought...

    What if it weren't a dream, but actual fact-based events that Biggy did not read "Word Up" Magazine in addition to never seeing Salt and Pepperin the limousine?
  17. rawjs

    Sending an email to the wrong person unap post, vol. big breast and booty thread to our #1 client

    Yo NT, real talk. So your boy's up to his old antics. Well, one of my buddy's wanted me to send him the link to the big breast and booty appreciationthreads. Well, I pulled the links off my computer to send it out to him. His last name is REED. Well, I pulled it down from the gmail drop box...
  18. rawjs

    Vince Young Doin Right Good Read
  19. rawjs

    Taking a dump while the stall door opens unap post...

    Yo NT. So I just finished up getting my MBA, but the highlight of my week is not what took place in the classroom, but in the bathroom. I was attending aweek-long capstone seminar to receive my degree. Everyday, we would get a lunch break from 12:15 to 1:45. Being that I have a lightening...
  20. rawjs

    GIF Request....

    Does anyone have the gif of the shark saying something along the lines of "oh hai gaiz, just wanted to see what's goin on in this thread"? I've been searching but can't find it. Thanks in advance
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