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  1. puglife

    Photoshop help needed...will pay $10

    Need help with photoshopping something quickly if possible. Please pm me. Will paypal or venmo. Thanks!
  2. puglife

    SoCal Heads Help Me Out vol. Haircut

    Flying across the country this week for a wedding next weekend. Flying into LA on Wednesday and spending a couple days in San Diego before driving back up to Santa Barbara for a friend's wedding. Wanted to get a haircut as close to the wedding as possible (maybe Thursday or Friday), but i'm kind...
  3. puglife

    Jordan VI Toro LC

    Bought these off eBay, but I've been out of the game for a while. They're pretty used, but just wanted to make sure they were legit before leaving feedback. They did come with the lacelocks as well. Thanks in advance for the insight guys.
  4. puglife

    Remember Seeing a NTer That "Invented" This A While Ago vol. Don't Drop the Phone

    Basically, a little loopy thing on the back of the phone case that you can slip your finger into so that you'll never accidentally drop your phone. I remember reading in one of these threads a couple years or so ago about a NTer that was making these (just the loopy part) and selling them for...
  5. puglife

    Photoshop Help Needed - $20 Payment for Help

    Guys, I need some help photoshopping something quick and easy. Semi-sensitive so I won't be posting anything here. It wouldn't make for fun me. $20 payment will be paypaled upon completion of work. Shouldn't take more than 5-10 min I'm guessing. Anyway, let me know if you have...
  6. puglife

    Quick Picture Help vol. PayPal Ready

    Can someone quickly crop this picture for me? I just need the dog's head on a white background, but I need it to be absolutely clean. I'm sure it won't be that hard, but I don't have anything besides Microsoft Paint and I can't crop it neatly on my laptop. $10 PayPal ready. I guess post it here...
  7. puglife

    Injured Shoulder & Elbow vol. Any Advice?

    not a huge problem and I don't really feel like going to the doctor for it right now since I don't think it's serious... but for the past few months I've been having pain in both my shoulder (rotator cuff?) and elbow when playing basketball and lifting. I took a few weeks off from lifting...
  8. puglife

    Help Finding These Nike Sweatpants

    can anyone help me find these sweatpants in a size Large or XL somewhere online?!1778!3!43553625345!!!g!!63355776705 many thanks!!!!!!
  9. puglife

    Best Way to File Dispute: Amex or Paypal?

    Long story short: -bought some used wheels for my car -seller said 2 rear tires needed to be replaced. I bought 2 rear tires off ebay for $205 in anticipation only to find out that it was actually the 2 front tires that needed to be replaced. -asked seller if there were any cracks or bends...
  10. puglife

    Quick Poll to Help Decide Our Adult Basketball League Team MVP For This Season

    Player A: 13.38 Points per game 3.5 Rebounds per game 1.75 Assists per game 2.5 Steals per game .13 Blocks per game .5 Turnovers per game Player B: 12.13 Points per game 6.38 Rebounds per game 2.13 Assists per game 1.38 Steals per game .63 Blocks per game 2.25 Turnovers per game Who do...
  11. puglife

    Need Help Finding Reindeer Costume For Car

    I'm sure you guys may have seen cars driving around with antlers on the windows and a red nose on the grill...does anyone know where to buy that? I found them online, but I wanted to know if I could buy it somewhere in person. I checked Walmart, but they didn't have it. Has anyone seen them...
  12. puglife

    Official PITTSBURGH STEELERS 2012 Season Thread (7-5): Week 14 vs Chargers

    Just watched an hour long recap of the crazy 2008 season we endured when we won Super Bowl XLIII. Didn't see an official thread so I decided to make one. I'll update it weekly hopefully. We play the ******** this week and it's a huge game for us (and especially me since I live in the DC area...
  13. puglife

    Need Help Finding Denim Overalls

    I'm going to a denim themed party tonight...I'm trying to find denim overalls, but have no idea where to find any. saw some online at Walmart, but they don't have them in any of the actual stores around me. any chance I can find any anywhere by tonight?
  14. puglife

    What To Expect Tomorrow Morning vol. Sold a Bike and It Got Into an Accident

    I got a letter today from the county police department. As soon as I saw it, I knew it couldn't be anything good. Apparently one of my vehicles got into an accident and was towed. It was a motorcycle that I had sold this past May. It was the first vehicle that I ever sold myself. All of my...
  15. puglife

    Depositing Business Check Into Personal Account?

    Quick question guys...I work for my dad. I basically did some work for him and the check was made out to the company, but it's my money. Is it possible to deposit it straight into my account or do I have to take the extra step of depositing it into the company account and then writing myself a...
  16. puglife

    The Official Teach Me How to Golf Thread vol. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

    I'd like to get into playing golf recreationally. I've gone to the driving range with my friends the past couple of weeks and I'm pretty terrible, but want to get better. Can anyone teach me the ins and outs and tell me what clubs are good. I think I want to buy a really good Driver to start off...
  17. puglife

    AT&T Bill Help

    Can someone help me with my latest bill from AT&T? Got a family plan with 4 iphones, but my mom's iphone didn't have a data plan, because she never used it. We did not buy that phone with the $200 contract agreement (it's a 3G that we gave her after one of us upgraded). She's been using it for...
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