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  1. 100proof

    Post your teams perfomance w/ a GIF

    Had a pretty good thread last year. Lets try it again with prediction gifs until ya squads game.  
  2. 100proof

    How'd your team do this week? Post a gif.

  3. 100proof

    Can you spot whats wrong with this pic?

  4. 100proof

    Batman vs The Penguin

    @ I call it the bat signal
  5. 100proof

    Mitt Romney on hidden camera Have at it NT Dems & Repubs...
  6. 100proof

    Arby's giving away free Turkey Roasters thurs 9/6

    Get one of our NEW hot Turkey Roasters sandwich for FREE on September 6th from 11am to 1pm. Choose from Turkey Classic, Turkey 'n Cheddar Classic, or Grand Turkey Club and taste the greatest thing since sliced roast beef. No purchase required. Limit one sandwich per person. Offer valid on...
  7. 100proof

    Brandon Marshall stabbed

        Dude helped me get a FF Championship last year hope he's OK
  8. 100proof

    Dan LeBatard rants on the Jets...

  9. 100proof

    Google voice Invite

  10. 100proof

    Rush limbaugh trying to buy the rams

  11. 100proof

    ESPN startin' on T.O. early!

    So TO says no comment after the loss last night. Now ESPN is adveritising that a Bills "INSIDER" says that mean trouble... They ran dude outta Dallas now they wanna run him outta buffalo too?
  12. 100proof

    Thank God for glenn beck!

    These people are straight comedy. The convo at 6:30 is�
  13. 100proof

    Jake Delhomme put on craigslist

  14. 100proof

    Predator 3 is coming

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