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  1. lifelessons

    Anybody watching the dragrace?

    I grew up around this *%$! so i'm watching it .......but did anybody see what happened between pedrogon and john force? .....dude was hella salty
  2. lifelessons

    NT judge my track.....Harsh Critics are welcomed...
  3. lifelessons

    Omarion is kicked out of Young Money...

    I guess for leaking that track w/ wayne
  4. lifelessons

    I See You Niketalk (Twitter Related)

    @ yall goin in on that girl who tweeting about getting ran through by a frat...yall got me rolling
  5. lifelessons

    You ever been blocked by someone on Twitter? random

    Rosa Acosta (made a tweet about NT making her) Pause Police (Just realized they did after a tweet I made a week or 2 ago).... #howdareyou call yourself @pausepolice but you're the one searching for @!$!stuff to pause... sorta funny ...cause Pause Police direct messaged me talking @%%! haha
  6. lifelessons

    Lil Wayne - Million Dollar Baby

    .....never thought the full song would come out
  7. lifelessons

    How do I change my NT format back to the OG way

    i got the bbcode thing and its wack....I want to go back to the way where i can copy someone sig (for example) and just paste it in my sig and it'll lookthe same....I can't change colors or anything w/ the format i'm using now
  8. lifelessons

    Mayback Music 2.5 Remix ft. Pusha T, Birdman & Fabolous

    birdman spitting that stunna island swag
  9. lifelessons

    Like Really... smh mods this shouldnt be inappropriate but i might be wrong so let me know
  10. lifelessons

    Okay... so I boned and got dome... And uhhhhhh

    talk to penny
  11. lifelessons

    Anybody have the videos when Shawty Lo exposed meatball as a snitch?

    @ meatball talking all that crap and then getting exposed in another video as a snitch.... I wonder where meatball at now
  12. lifelessons

    Jay-Z Tops 2009 Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List

    1. Jay-Z - 35 Million 2. Diddy - 30 Million 3. Kanye West - 25 Million 4. 50 Cent - 20 Million 5. Akon - 20 Million 6. Lil Wayne - 18 Million 7. Timbaland - 17 Million 8. Pharrell - 16 Million 9. T-Pain - 15 Million 10. Eminem - 14 Million 11. Dr.Dre - 13 Million 12. Snoop Dogg - 11 Million 13...
  13. lifelessons

    Kanye West ft Mr Hudson - Paranoid (Video mix version)

    been waiting on this cdq for a looooooooonggggggg time
  14. lifelessons

    The Alchemist feat. Travis McCoy & Lil Wayne - I Know Your Name

    BEAT IS CRACK....uggghckk
  15. lifelessons

    Pruane meets 50 Cent

    should be appropriate mods....if not please close...thanks
  16. lifelessons

    Anybody go to NCCU?? Pref Class of 2011 or 2010

    I got something for yall...
  17. lifelessons

    Chris Brown - Not My Fault (prod. by The Neptunes)

    @ the timing
  18. lifelessons

    nvm late

    its on wshh....but this kid can't be serious....
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