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  1. knowledgethefoundation

    Check out my beats...any feedback is appreciated.... Good, mediocre, bad? Been working on this craft for a solid year
  2. knowledgethefoundation

    Canibus has officially smoked himself ******ed

    help on the embed?
  3. knowledgethefoundation


    Is there only treatment for these disorders and not an actual way to be completely cured of them?
  4. knowledgethefoundation

    Can I legitimately sue an old friend and win?

    Long story  short, I want to sue messing w/ this broad and things went sour...Now I wanna sue her for defamation of character and emotional distress  She made up a bunch of *+@# about me including saying she thought I was gonna rape her I ain't bitter, I just wanna prove a point lulz
  5. knowledgethefoundation

    J Dilla - Another Batch appreciation

    From beginning to end, the level of smoothness is off the charts
  6. knowledgethefoundation

    So I hit up my ex...

    To see how she's been, being that we still had a connection and I was optimistic that we would eventually talk again, and she tells me she has some "news"... turns out she's 2 months prego with  another dudes kid, and he's not tryna claim it... thoughts on this?? I'm debating if I should even...
  7. knowledgethefoundation

    Tips on gaining more motivation and energy to get things accomplished?

    I always seem to have this big burden of inertia as far as getting some stuff in life taken care of. It can range from some important daily routine to a long-term goal in which requires more work on my part that I most of the time don't end up outputting. All of this can be much more difficult...
  8. knowledgethefoundation

    How do I copyright all my beats?

    Long story short I have a ton of beats I made on FL, I now wanna put em out to the mass and hopefully get my career popping but first of course, I gotta protect my own work so nobody can pass it off as theirs or use it without my go, I heard about the ASCAP and numerous other sources. I think...
  9. knowledgethefoundation

    How to fix my comp myself/restore to factory settings?

    My labtop is really acting wack right now, think I got a virus, blue screen keeps popping up, tends the freeze, ect. Any advice on how to properly diagnose and fix this?
  10. knowledgethefoundation

    Most effective ways to boost your immune system??

    Trying to get healthier, I need to start with my eating habbits first, and exercise, but the question is what exactly should my meals/exercise consist of on a daily basis in order to significantly boost my immune system and maintain it?
  11. knowledgethefoundation

    Happy Birthday to............................

    Me  Also this is my 1st post in a couple months lol. sorry if closed =(.
  12. knowledgethefoundation

    Essentials needed to start a little starter studio in an empty room?

    Just ordered a pre-amp, still deciding on what's a decent reliable mic for a cheap price...any suggestions?
  13. knowledgethefoundation

    Is nas still on Def Jam

    ?????????? dude's dropping again in 2013?
  14. knowledgethefoundation

    How can I properly sue Apple?

    Basically: My iPod is still under warranty and it stopped working. Went to the Apple store and they're trying to say it isn't under warranty cuz I bought it Dec. 2009...more than a year ago(year warranty)...but the thing is I purchased it March 2010 so Idk why it's scanning as Dec. 2009. I...
  15. knowledgethefoundation

    For those who ever cheated on someone....

    Was it premeditated in your mind that you were going to cheat on your bf/gf or did it "just happen"?
  16. knowledgethefoundation

    Top 25 instrumentals

  17. knowledgethefoundation

    LEGAL ways to ruin someone's life?

    any suggestions? 
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