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  1. incredibleev

    Most Anticipated 2014 Music

    Since a D'angelo album is not anywhere near a guarantee, my most anticipated is one man and one man only
  2. incredibleev

    The Earl Sweatshirt album is gonna be a problem...

    He showed up at the LA FlyLo show to do some new ish... singlehandedly keeping Odd Future relevant. Gonna make Kendrick Lamar-type impact IMO
  3. incredibleev

    Autre Ne Veut - The experimental-R&B revolution continues

    This stuff is One of my most anticipated of 2013 The future of R&B is in good hands ladies and gentleman. 
  4. incredibleev

    Favorite Professional Athlete UNDER 25 years old

    Last time I made this thread I chose Justin Upton. Since he turns 25 on the 25th  I'm starting it again New choice is
  5. incredibleev

    New free album from The-Dream "1977" drops at midnight tonight

    Get it here
  6. incredibleev

    How great is Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)?

    all ratings IMO Bring Da Ruckus 10/10 Shame On A Ni&&a 10/10 Clan In Da Front 9/10 Wu Tang: 7th Chamber 9/10 Can It Be All So Simple 10/10 Da Mystery Of Chessboxin 10/10 Wu Tang Clan Aint Nothing To F Wit 10/10 C.R.E.A.M. 10/10 Method Man 10/10 Protect Ya Neck 10/10 Tearz 10/10 Wu Tang: 7th...
  7. incredibleev

    Funniest TV show of the 2000s

    probably one of the funniest shows of all time. im watching for the first time on Netflix Watch Instantly (all 3 seasons are there) and I can't believe I waited this long. Tobias & Gob = 2 of the funniest characters ever. Lots of honorable mentions but i think this wins.
  8. incredibleev

    NYC Subways possibly getting cellphone service and Wi-fi?

    via Gawker: Our Worst Nightmare Realized: Subway Stations and Tracks To Have Cell Service, Wi-Fi Notonly will the city's subway stations be rigged to support your handheldelectronic devices, but chatty citizens will be allowed to make callsin between stops, too. Is there anything worse than...
  9. incredibleev

    Orchestra Fail vol. LMAO

    I dont know why but not being able to see it makes it even funnier
  10. incredibleev

    The Social Network dir. David Fincher - film about the creation of Facebook

    the choral arrangement of Radiohead's Creep really makes this trailer...I was already sold on this movie now I'm super sold. From the director of Panic Room, Fight Club, Seven, Zodiac, Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  11. incredibleev


    Just finished listening to it for first time, and my mind is kinda blown. This is fantastic. I usually don't get a good feel on an album after one listen, but this one hit me pretty hard. Haven't felt this way about an album after first listen in a while. I mean, the different sounds you get on...
  12. incredibleev

    Who's your fav Pro Athlete under 25 yo Vol. 2

    I got a new one, so I made a thread.
  13. incredibleev

    New M.I.A. - Born Free

    rock out with your %%$@ out. LOVE this.
  14. incredibleev

    LIVE iPad demo right now 3/31/10
  15. incredibleev


    PREACH! this is worth watching all the way
  16. incredibleev


    I know this film has been mentioned a couple times, but I just watched this movie and I must say, i think NT will love this. If you are looking for a great prison crime/gangster story that goes even a little deeper dealing with race, culture, etc. this movie will satisfy. There's been a lot of...
  17. incredibleev

    How does anyone NOT want to see this movie?

    KICK %@% red band trailer 2
  18. incredibleev

    Bonnaroo 2010

    June 10-13 2010, Manchester, TN BONNAROO 2010 ARTISTS ANNOUNCED SO FAR: The Avett Brothers The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs perform “Dark Side of the Moon
  19. incredibleev

    There is NO chance Drake's album will be better than SO FAR GONE

    I gave SO FAR GONE a re-listen today for the first time in a long time, and this mixtape is really ahead of its time. Not sure about anyone else but the first couple times I heard it, I thought I was hearing the evolution of what hip hop artists were going to be doing. The mixture of rap and r&b...
  20. incredibleev

    Post the last movie you watched Vol. 2

    Probably my 10th time watching it and it's great every time
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