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  1. nuffkicks

    best four franchises in nba history

    with the lakers win last night, and the celtics good chance of going to the finals, i would say that the four all-time greatest franchises in nba history willbe forever the celtics, lakers, bulls and spurs. in the last 58 years, these teams have one a total of 39 out of the 58 nba championships...
  2. nuffkicks

    VI+ olympic 2008 ... second look

    all the undercover brothers will be rocking these hard body. carmines are the only 6's i should see this year sad 2 say but, all the hype beast aroun' my way will make these sell out like an air jordan....well nvm that.
  3. nuffkicks

    Website/Store/Outlet Reports for May 2008!

    which website sells the packs split?
  4. nuffkicks

    VI+ olympic 2008 ... second look

    gay pride's
  5. nuffkicks

    Air Jordan VI Olympic 2008 First Look!

    anybody still getting the gay pride's
  6. nuffkicks

    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    does anybody know what jay's joe johnson had on 2nite
  7. nuffkicks

    Air Jordan 6IX (Six) Rings Black / Gold

    no efffin way
  8. nuffkicks

    ::::Official Air Jordan II/XXI Countdown Pack Post! 4/26::::

    the XX1 dont deserved to be released with the 2's. i wish they would of did the slam dunk package that was rumored
  9. nuffkicks


    suede looks a little sketchy but overall pretty good
  10. nuffkicks

    MODS Please Lock

    countdown to gentry being on the unemployment line
  11. nuffkicks

    why so much hatin on 10/13 CDP

    there the best pack that has came out so far because of the disappointment 14's.
  12. nuffkicks

    Quickstrikes in May: Air Jordan VI

    nothin but hearsay nowadays.
  13. nuffkicks

    AJ XV's up on

    old news
  14. nuffkicks

    JB Retro 9 Cool Grey?

    cool grey 8"s?
  15. nuffkicks

    JBAAC West - Air Jordan XX3 PE - Demar DeRozan - Pics

    He will jump out the gym tho....
  16. nuffkicks

    Jordan VII.5 2009

    like charles barkley says......"jus terible".
  17. nuffkicks

    Jordan VII.5 2009

    looks like the well has run dry for gentry & company.... getting inspiration from cool
  18. nuffkicks

    Jordan VII.5 2009

    those are definitely fugazi. Ive seen those on someone before.
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