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  1. embrawler

    Do you have talent or want in the entertainment industry?

    I'm starting a consulting firm. I was in the A the first week of November for HOW CAN I BE DOWN, and regularly visit Augusta, my hometown. E-mail me or check my profile... OFFICIAL LEGACY ELITE CONSULTING PROFILE (for M. Butler) Mad love to NT after all these years...
  2. embrawler


    Assuming we don't get upset on national television (ESPN) Wednesday. *knocks on wood* Every is talking about this @#$% on campus, even in the rec center when we hoop. Go figure... TEAMlateNIGHT>WE NEVER SLEEP<Member #29: The Black and Hispanic Visionary
  3. embrawler

    HOW CAN I BE DOWN 2006: eMBrawler WILL be there!

    Fellow MCs/producers, I WILL be in ATL 11/5-11/06 for the conference at the GWCC. I've met mad artists before, so I'm acquainted with giving folks business cards and CDs and whatnot. Post here if you want more information or are also planning on attending. Maybe we can all have a mini-summit...
  4. embrawler

    NikePark coming back from the dead!

    NikePark was a different kind of message board, nothing like ezboard. It had the latest pics, news, etc. Its creators had no time to moderate it.\n so it ultimately fell apart, with people flaming and posting porn. People stopped visiting after a while, and then the URL just became...
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