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  1. freshhh

    RIP Seba Jun aka Nujabes passed away late february but i guess news is just getting out now. i searched and found nothing so forgive me if late. 
  2. freshhh


    finally saw it, ive always wanted to and it was on HBO so i had to. i remember alot of NTers hated it because it wasnt that funny but real talk this goes down as one of my favorite movies of all time.(i know ima catch heat for sayin that) its not one of those laugh your +@@ off comedies, and...
  3. freshhh

    How do you stay awake WHILE paying attention in class vol. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    I feel like i've been fightin sleep in this class the whole time, and theres still an hour left. what do you guys do to stay awake *while paying attention?
  4. freshhh

    NT i havent laughed this hard in so long

    The bridge trust me its worth it to tough it out the first minute.
  5. freshhh

    Good Spa in the Bay?

    Looking for a nice place for my parents as a christmas gift. Any help is appreciated.
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