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  1. uptempo024

    Reebok Jumpball II

    Picked these up today as I needed some new shoes to ball in. I have really wide feet and looked at a pretty cool looking pair of Reeboks, didn't have mysize, tried on a pair of Nike's way too tight like most seem to be for me now. Went ahead and tried these on and they are amazingly comfortable...
  2. uptempo024

    Width for Adidas Kobe 1 (Crazy 1)

    Would these be a good shoe for someone with wide feet? The web site says they are a D width sole. I don't know what that means though lol. I should alsomention that I will be playing basketball in them at the SG and SF spot.
  3. uptempo024

    Good basketball shoes for wide feet

    Whats a good pair of shoes for someone with wide feet? I play SG or SF and have very wide feet, I just bought a pair of Jordan XVSE's and they absolutelykill my feet, had the HyperDunks this past season, they were a good shoe but they would hurt during warmups in practice, I'd loosen them a...
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